While it was predicted that the global workspaces would have to adapt to digital technologies, global enterprises never imagined that it would change at the current pace. The pandemic has further added fuel to this transition. But with these rapid changes, there comes the threats associated with them. Even though technology has made network security stronger, there are many ways hackers can take advantage of and exploit data. Unfortunately, companies have lost control of their data because the volume and data silos make it difficult to manage. Data silos limit the ability to have transparency and accountability. Lack of data transparency and accountability results in business risks. NVISNx is solving this challenge by creating enterprise solutions to classify and protect data, providing the transparency, accountability and insights to control business risks.

NVISNx [n-vision-x] is the leading data risk governance platform empowering companies to gain complete control of their enterprise data to reduce data risks, enhance compliance and lower storage costs. Their unique solution converges business data analytics with cybersecurity intelligence to deliver reliable insights to optimize data protection controls and provide greater business transparency to make more informed decisions. NVISNx’s powerful solution protects every business’s most valuable data.

What inspired the beginning of NVISNx?

Talking about the inception of the company, Glen Day, CEO at NVISNx recalls that, after years of working for advisory firms solving companies most complex problems he realized that there is a fundamental, systemic issue within the industry — where companies that have invested millions in the most advanced cyber controls possible and have hired some of the best cyber and privacy talent available still experience security breaches and ransomware attacks. Throughout his career, both as a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and as a trusted cyber security advisor to some of the most influential companies in the world, he gained a complex, comprehensive understanding of the industry and the challenges experienced by organizations – it’s all about the data. This knowledge and these experiences motivated him to start NVISNx with some very talented team members.

“Entrepreneurship has been a lifelong journey”

His idea was to develop solutions and provide organizations with a way to identify indicators of risk and compromise early before a breach can occur. NVISNx’s solutions would need to be user-friendly, automated, and have an intuitive interface in order to be easily leveraged by the various business owners, as well as IT and security. Throughout his corporate journey, his team has been validating that companies first have to know their data to get control of their data. They need to understand their data in context and associate the data with the cyber controls and user behaviours in order to be able to truly protect the data that needs protection and eliminate any data that is not driving value within the company. Now, NVISNx is partnering with Gartner and large advisory firms aligned with the new Data Risk Governance domain as they build market traction.

Goals and Vision

The NVISNx Data Risk Governance Platform was built to align with the business’ priorities by focusing on enterprise risk. Unlike its competitors that offer point solutions for security or compliance, Nx Platform offers a more holistic and data-centric asset approach targeted to the C-Suite while also including security and compliance stakeholders. Changing the views of all these stakeholders working in silos and getting business, IT and security leaders to embrace a new paradigm of treating data as an asset that needs to be managed throughout its life is challenging. But, he shows them how Nx Platform delivers a powerful and easy-to-use solution for all the key stakeholders to understand their risk areas, the risk to the business and how easily they can collaborate and gain control of their data and reduce risk.

NVISNx is the leading data risk governance platform empowering companies to gain complete control of their enterprise data to reduce data risks, enhance compliance and lower storage costs.

Strength And Growth:

Mainly NVISNx focuses on protecting and empowering their customers’ brand reputation by reducing risk. The Nx Platform provides customers valuable insights into their data, their controls, and user behaviours to “protect & purge” data so they can be proactive and gain complete control over their enterprise data and reduce risk, enhance compliance and storage cost. This is done by providing an innovative, high-quality enterprise solution they can rely on to manage risk and build the transparency and trust required by customers. The Nx Platform is an essential technology for any business, as it:

▶ Aligns with the business’ priorities by focusing on enterprise risk and providing leading indicators of risk and compromise so that companies can make more informed decisions about their data to benefit the whole company.

▶ Built for the business, delivering a powerful solution that empowers business leaders to manage their data and seamlessly collaborate with other stakeholders to view and act on the data.

▶ Is powerful yet easy to use. The unique data classification approach enables business users to classify data in minutes and not be dependent on data scientists to build models that take weeks or months.

NVISNx will continue to grow as they expand their AI, machine learning and automation to include more predictive capabilities, enabling their customers to be proactive and focus on their core business, creating differentiated products and services, and not be distracted or dissuaded from cyber threats or privacy compliance penalties.

Case Studies And Facing Challenges:

Glen Day briefs about the most innovative case studies and challenges that he overcame. He describes it with an example: If an organization has a data kingdom the size of Texas, but 80% – 90% of that data is useless, the company is then just paying to protect the highways, grasslands and rivers — when what they really should be protecting is the castle and its surrounding areas. This was true for an emerging Internet of Things (IoT) telematics company that sought their solution. At the time, the startup had limited cyber security and privacy resources, even though secure controls were critical concerns for many of its Fortune 500 customers. If the company couldn’t address these privacy and security concerns, its ability to serve these customers would be greatly hindered.

NVISNx was selected to accelerate and simplify its SOC2 compliance efforts and to provide continuous compliance monitoring to sustain its proactive risk and compliance posture. As a result, the Fortune 500 customers entrusted the telematics company with their information and its ability to continually adhere to the highest regulatory standards to ensure confidentiality and protection of their data. The telematics company won the business.


NVISNx is now establishing their market leader position in the emerging Data Risk Governance solutions. Their agenda is to assist customers in treating data as an asset in which some assets have high value and require elevated protections, while other assets have low value or may even be a liability that could be defensibly disposed of. As one of their customers stated, “…we finally are in control of our data, not the data managing us…”.


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