Everyone wants to get back to normal after a disaster, even insurance companies.

Unfortunately, most insurance companies attempt to settle claims for an amount to the benefit of the stockholders not the policyholders. Oftentimes, with the intention to delay or derail the claim process, many insurers simply deny or refrain from paying a fair claim amount by quoting Nebulous points and clauses from the policy; this is when it is imperative insureds seek professional help.

MCMS is an organization on a mission to provide professional loss investigation and documentation to ensure fair and accurate claims resolution for its clients. Henry Rodriguez, its CEO, shared with the Views team CEO (any name??) how they are helping clients settle their claims and paving the best road to normalcy after a catastrophic event.

MCMS has over thirty years of experience providing comprehensive professional loss investigation and superb claims resolution. Once a claim has been identified as underpaid, a proper damage assessment and detailed documentation is the first step to a proper settlement. Through Alternate Dispute Resolution with no agenda other than finding the truth, MCMS brings a specialized approach to estimates and appraisals, resulting in accurate indemnification that is faster and much more effective than lengthy court battles.


“Without proper guidance and assistance, most claims are grossly underpaid.”

Henry Rodriguez identified a business opportunity and a way to help people achieve a fair settlement of their claims, as he watched the Insurance Industry morph into high-stake negotiations. He knew most policy holders did not possess the necessary negotiation skills or everchanging policy language knowledge required by this increasingly combative industry. Thanks to his dedication and efforts, most of his clients enjoy three to five times more the settlement offered by the insurance company. Indeed he recently had one that went from zero to over five million dollars.

Henry’s unique approach to solving insurance settlements has earned him a well-deserved reputation as one of the best innovators of 2022. Speaking about his journey into this industry, he said, “I have been a court-appointed special master for the first time this year. Brought closure to many claims, and since Hurricane Ian made landfall, several reputable Law Firms and Public Adjusters have contacted us to work in concert toward finalizing the massive claim count in Florida. It promises to be a record-breaking year not only in revenue but in helping clients…”

As we were discussing the unscrupulously politically backed agenda of the mighty insurance lobby he received a bill by Florida Senator Boyd which will negatively affect Floridians.

He briefly shared his initial interpretation.

  • Insurers may include endorsements requiring mandatory binding
  • Prevailing insured no longer has a right to recover attorney’s fees against commercial or residential property
  • Insured may not recover attorney’s fees against
  • Insured must provide notice of his initial claim within 1 year of loss and must file reopened or supplemental claims within 18 months of loss.
  • Prohibits assignment of benefits All emergency services such as temporary roof repairs and dry outs must first be paid by policyholders, yes even the many that exist paycheck to paycheck. Insurance company mandates mitigation yet turn their backs on policyholders.
  • Insured cannot file a bad faith lawsuit unless he has first obtained a final judgment on a breach of contract Meaning a favorable appraisal award is no longer sufficient as a prerequisite to filing a bad faith lawsuit.

His blood rose to palpable after his cursory review of the bill. How anyone debating this bill can kiss a baby with that mouth is beyond me!

Just a few days ago Insurance Journal published, an article about fraudulent practices by carriers here it is” ‘The insurance companies were directing file reviewers to change my estimates to repair the roofs rather than replace a totaled roof,’ said Ben Mandell, a licensed all-lines adjuster. ‘However, the insurer was leaving my name on the estimates in a fraudulent effort to make it appear that I had written this bogus estimate.”

“Nothing seems to benefit the policyholder in the bill and as always, the poorer constituents will take the biggest hit.”

His passion for justice is obvious.

Managing to achieve favorable outcomes

MCMS always finds a faster and effective methodology to solve its client’s issues.

Immediately after a catastrophic event, they will mediate, however, the preferred ADR (alternate dispute resolution) is appraisal. There are marked differences in representing a Large condominium association, apartment building, municipality, pre-fab home, churches, synagogues, and temples. All of these have nuances that they recognize and address before preparing for appraisal. The coverage will change; a homeowner has ALE (additional living expense), a restaurant, an apartment building will have BI (business interruption), and so on.

MCMS is an organization on a mission to provide professional loss investigation and documentation to ensure fair and accurate claims resolution for its clients.

Adding more to this, Henry said, “First and foremost, know your claim, we write exceptionally accurate estimates, and our crew is second to none in negotiating fair outcomes. Regardless of our familiarity, always read the full policy; that is the instrument we are paid to enforce. Walk the loss, document with 3D imagery, take lots of pictures, request all available documentation as proof of the loss, and work nonstop until it is closed. No special secret sauce here. We work all losses as we would our mother’s home.”

Whom do they work with?

MCMS has helped over twelve thousand clients ranging from individuals to large corporations. They have had spectacular success with HOAs. They specialize in municipalities as well as large multi-family, both apartment and condominium buildings. Lately, they have had great success with hotels; often, the BI (business interruption) loss exceeds the physical damages. Municipalities, as well as Departments of Education, have been very rewarding to work with for MCMS. “One day I am at world trade center the next is a fish farm”

While working with such a wide range of clients, it is possible that they encounter errors while conducting business or investigating the loss. To shorten these errors, checks and balances are set in place. Their estimating staff is meticulous, but our QC folks might have a bit to do with that. They stress accuracy, as every line of a two-thousand-page estimate has to be defensible. Before they present any documentation as proof of the claim, he is assured it has gone through peer review and overabundantly challenged in house.

Addressing challenges

It is impossible to run businesses without any challenges. Speaking about the same and how they are tackling challenges at MCMS, Henry said, “More businesses fail due to uncontrolled growth than most think. The urge to help all that ask is strong; after all, that was the driving force that lit this fire in my belly. On more than one occasion, we have taken on more than we should have, and although the results have always been favorable, 15-hour days for months after a catastrophic event wears on one.”

Henry also spoke about the warm relationship that he shares with his peers in the industry. He feels fortunate to have excellent peers along with him, and the sheer volume of business is such that more often, they help each other than feel a sense of competition.

MCMS has already earned a reputation for achieving favorable outcomes. Henry Rodriguez and the skilled professionals at MCMS have been achieving excellent results for their clients since 1992…without engaging in costly litigation. As a professional, sought-after insurance appraiser and umpire, Henry relies on a carefully crafted team of engineers, attorneys, and many other professionals working together to deliver equitable claims solutions to clients nationwide and worldwide. They aim to continue to help more clients and help them on the road to recovery.

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