Digital adoption has been at its peak as it has far-reaching benefits that span multiple use cases for companies across industries. Companies are now embracing digital channels and the associated experience to engage with their customers entirely new ways. This has been a significant reason for the growth of companies offering software solutions.

The global business software and services market was valued at USD 429.59 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.7% from 2022 to 2030.

The increasing volume of enterprise data and increased automation of business processes across retail, manufacturing, and healthcare industries are driving market growth.

MPP Software is a privately held Canadian corporation and has a global footprint with partners operating across Canada and internationally. Colin Moreland, CEO of MPP Software, was with the CEOViews team to share insights into the industry and its operations.

The organization is on a mission to deliver innovative solutions for niche market problems. They have partnered with medium and larger organizations on broader technical challenges, and they have expanded that mandate and dropped the niche market qualifier. Today, they seek to partner with organizations across Canada to drive digital transformation at an industry level.

About executive services

An organization is only as good as its management. Even leaders need to look for help at times. MPP Software’s staff have extensive experience in establishing and running successful technology companies. Their executive consultants are available to assist other growing companies in achieving their visions in addition to their core business. One can access a team of leading industry experts through their consultancy offering. MPP software solutions offer its consultancy services, specializing in the following segments:

1. Entrepreneurship

Establishing a new business requires navigating many hurdles. MPP Software’s leadership team has experience starting multiple new companies. It is familiar with the processes, challenges, and decisions needed to build a strong and successful business. Their leaders are available to new entrepreneurs to help them navigate these challenges.

2. Strategy Implementation Planning

Beyond strategic planning lies the grey area of converting strategy into tangible plans that can be executed to fulfill the strategy. MPP Software’s team of experienced leaders can help your company set out a strategic plan that achieves your business goals. They can also help you come up with the tactical plans, measurements, and structures your team needs to not only plan for success but also make sure that plan comes true.

The organization is on a mission to deliver innovative solutions for niche market problems.

3. PMO

Senior management at MPP Software has over 50 combined years of experience in project management and project execution. Setting up your organization for predictable project delivery is critical to long-term success. Their consultants can guide them through setting up the management and monitoring structures to select those projects that will add the most value, monitor them through execution, and deliver them on time and on budget. They approach projects with a focus on value and teamwork that will help you succeed over and over again and in a predictable way.

Service offerings

MPP Software Solutions has a wide range of products and services as a part of its offerings. TrustedShare, one of their core products, enables the private sharing and rental of vacation homes, boats, RVs, and other vehicles to trusted friends and family while enjoying the convenience of an integrated tool to manage bookings, payment, payout, and reports. Due to its proprietary security model, each listing is kept exclusive, private, and more secure, avoiding open market risks. Guests can have exclusive access to these items, which may not be available for rent commercially.

JustRingTheBell (JRTB) is a technology that revolutionizes property viewings, enabling digital transformation in the real estate industry. It will be officially launched in November 2021. The JRTB platform allows realtors to authorize known and trusted clients to conduct self-guided viewings of properties. This saves realtors a lot of time driving between places and makes it easier for buyers to find new listings.


Starting a business during COVID was certainly a big challenge. Building a corporate culture with the new expectation of remote work has also presented some difficulties. Their greatest problem has been navigating the transition from a pure software company to the integrated solutions company they are now. That required a significant amount of discussion and alignment within the team.

Organizations go through a series of challenges during their course. But strong fundamentals in product management, solution design, development, and strategic planning have allowed them to respond to a variety of market factors. When tourism took a drop, they were able to use their proptech experience to provide a service to the real estate market. Working through real estate, they were able to make a connection with several problems in the Fintech space. And so the evolution progressed from there.

By being open to business opportunities where and when they come in, they’ve been able to grow the business’ service offerings. They had opportunities find them through personal networks, random posts on Facebook, or even talking to strangers on planes and finding a fit. Their entire team has contributed to bringing new partnerships to the table, and they have all benefited from that approach.

JustRingTheBell (JRTB) is a technology that revolutionizes property viewings, enabling digital transformation in the real estate industry.

Adaptability has been the primary driver of MPP Software’s growth. The business began as a software company, but after bringing our initial product vision to market, they found themselves with a team whose capabilities exceeded the scope of their own ideas. They began collaborating with third parties and client organizations to capitalize on their expertise and meet needs. From there, other parties they worked with found the culture and experience attractive, and they have been able to grow the team further through them. What started out as a software-only business is now a technology services company that does everything.

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