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A great narration, and an authentic display of one’s products will always be an add-on factor that lingers around the business of a great enterprise. The fact that how much impact or effect the branding of one’s product holds will always be key in the present era of the heavy metal styled digital marketing trend running at a rapid pace. Whatever the factors may seem on the outward with all the boom and buzz surrounding the marketing and the branding, the reality is always grounded. It means that product performance, sensible innovation and relevancy always matters by the end of the day. This mantra if imbibed within the vision and mission of enterprises, will witness no surreal numbers, but actual figures, results and outcomes that will only bring a great repute to the churner. The CEO Views, by following all the relevant and the imminent trends and the potential such an approach can bring has identified few of them who are not only demonstrating and driving such methods and approach continually, but are also helping organizations be relevant, and competitive while also putting relentless efforts to devise new solutions while being adoptive of innovative strategies. Below is the list of the “top most admired firms” of 2018.