Most Influential Companies of the Year 2020

The culture of the organization is the key to growing influence. People must be able to manipulate individuals to be successful in organizations today. Companies of all sizes need to consider who their prominent influencers are and build relationships with them. An influential business is not just one that produces the greatest or most profitable quarterly sales, although these are essential factors.


An influential company has substantial impacts on suppliers and partners, other businesses, and even society as a whole. Your brand needs to concentrate on ways of winning trust. The number of competitors also rises with each passing year as technology catapults into a highly established and innovative industry. In this pool of technology solution providers, only a handful can make it to a point where they can be counted as reliable. All that and their clients the best and match their business equally make it to the benchmark.


The latest edition of The CEO Views brings you “Top 10 Influential Companies of the Year 2020.” The list highlights some of the industry’s most influential companies in the technology landscape, providing the best in class services. The recommended list is intended to help individuals and organizations and the best technology solution provider to help them accomplish their projects.


Catherine Vanvonno,CEO

20four7VA is a leading virtual recruitment and staff placement company specializing in Remote Staffing Solutions. The organization offers cost-effective, flexible, and scalable services to start-up entrepreneurs and medium-sized business owners so that they can concentrate on growing their business.


Rob Crowley,MD

Anexsys is an independent legal support and technology service provider. It is recently acquired by Xact Data Discovery (XDD).The organization specializes in eDiscovery, Digital Forensics,Legal Reprographics, and scanning services to support law firms,corporate and government clients in the UK and Europe.


Anton Baranchuk,CEO

AnyChart is a global leader in Interactive Data Visualization,and it was established in 2003. The organization’s solution has helped thousands of satisfied customers increase revenues,reduce operational costs, and better serve their customers.

Chosen Payments

Jeff Brodsly,President & CEO

Chosen Payments provides cutting-edge solutions to its partners,including merchants, associations, and ISV’s. The organization specializes in providing custom business solutions for merchants to help businesses cut operational costs and increase revenue.

EMMA International

Kira Jabri,CEO

EMMA International is a leading FDA compliance consulting firm. The organization provides cost-effective solutions for FDA regulatory affairs, compliance services, regulatory filings, and submissions. Its expertise includes medical devices, biotechnology,and pharmaceutical services.

Global Touch

Denise Sangster,President & CEO

Global Touch is a partner-focused strategy and go-to-market transformation consulting firm for the hybrid and digital computing world. The organization focuses on accelerating its clients’ revenues through world-class, profitable partners.

GoingClear Interactive

Paul J. Scott,Founder

GoingClear Interactive is an innovative digital growth agency catering to companies of different sizes. The organization has a world-class in-house team of designers, developers, marketers, and strategists. It works with a mission to help others to better business through the right digital channels.


Chris Mayer,CIO

Hoylu’s Connected Workspaces help enterprise clients manage activities, visualize work, and motivate people to perform their best by avoiding miscommunication and secure success. Hoylu’s mission is to make remote work and information sharing easy.


Laszlo Gyorgy Dellei,CEO

Kerubiel is a 100% privately-owned company specializing in the delivery of ICT, information management, and privacy services,providing creative approaches from scratch, with many years of extensive experience in both the public and private sectors.


David Franklin,Founder & CEO

knowRX is designed to promote well-being through an online platform for patient and physician engagement. The organization’s platform provides essential drug information and current clinical research reports to assist healthcare providers and their patients in selecting the right therapy.