Hiten Shah, CEO

MES, Inc., the Ohio-based provider of global manufacturing and supply chain management services, is motivated to bridge the most extensive existing gap between the management of the flow of goods and services. Having started as a firm specialized in automotive, lighting, agriculture and other industries, MES, Inc. now provides manufacturing and supply-chain services to OEMs across the globe. Ever since it came into the market, the company has created benchmarks in several countries such as India, China, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, Mexico and Europe with significant sourcing communities. The company is best suited for all logistics and supply-chain services as it supplies a wide range of commodities and components for use in finished goods.

A journey to the milestones

Hiten Shah, president and CEO of MES, Inc., is an engineer and entrepreneur by heart. He firmly believes that success is an amalgamation of practice, luck and willingness to take risks. His entrepreneurial voyage started with a lucid motto, ‘‘How hard can it be?”. Shah’s journey as an entrepreneur has its own ups and downs. Accepting failures has been his greatest strength. He believes that it’s not about how many times you fall, it’s about how many times you get off the ground to walk towards your aim.

Indeed, Hiten Shah is one amongst those exceptional souls who’re too stubborn to give up. Being a Supply Chain Management and global sourcing professional, he witnesses the market demand of Supply Chain Management (SCM) to both small and big businesses to boost customer satisfaction and bring success. He certainly knows that the ladder of his success has no limits. With an aim to keep climbing, he took SCM a notch higher and incorporated his brainchild, MES, Inc. in the year 2000.

End-to-end Solution Provider

MES, Inc. is recognized as a leading end-to-end logistics and supply chain management provider and strives to earn customers’ satisfaction. The firm stands-out amongst the top competitors as its niche has always been high mix variety of components and long-tail mass customization. “Last year, we did about 99.2% fill rate, which is better than any benchmark out there, given the divide globally, and shipped globally and within three days of a customer location. This is a pretty remarkable metric to continue to hone and get better at,” says Hiten Shah. With a diverse blend of experience, the company has a strong purchasing contract, supplier development and current supply base. It provides end-to-end services from sourcing to warehousing; owning the goods to balance sheet and have goods on the ground on customer and supplier sites. “We want to work end-to-end and pick suppliers, do all the sourcing and shipping side of activities, and offer our balance sheet,” he adds.

MES, Inc. Team- Pillar behind the success

To create a great team is a challenging task. In fact, building a team is both an art and a science, as behind any success is a great team. The company has an unmatched worldwide staff of about 110, with decades of experience in their respective fields. The company’s talented staff includes six sigma engineers, quality inspectors, sourcing and supply chain experts to maintain best-in-class metrics for the work. “I feel that all the awards belong to our teams,” says Hiten Shah. According to him, “If you’re going to continue to grow and develop a new capability, new geography, new people, new customer, new supplier, then you are going to fail in certain things and you really have to be willing to fail.”

Company Culture

The culture of the company is not only customer-focused but also family-oriented. Continuous innovation to benefit their customers and team players, as well as individual participation is the primary focus of the company. MES has built a strong, value-added business communication platform via WhatsApp and WeChat. Moreover, the company holds monthly metrics meetings with all global teams for regular updates.

Paving a progressive path

The company aims to double its sales in the next 3 to 5 years by exploring other industries. The incorporation of Enterprise Resource Planning, Identity Document and Finance systems enables the company to customize solutions based on the needs of the clients. With this, MES is planning to add a couple of new locations to cater their services. The company has made a mark in the industry by partnering with potential customers like Siemens and Emerson, and Snyder Electric and is focusing on improving its services.


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