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LogicMark, Inc. provides personal emergency response systems (PERS), health communications devices and remote care and activity monitoring technologies to create a connected care platform. The company’s devices give people the ability to receive care at home and confidence to age in place. LogicMark revolutionized the PERS industry by incorporating two-way voice communication technology directly into its medical alert pendant and providing this life-saving technology at a price point that everyday consumers could afford. LogicMark’s PERS solutions are sold through the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, other government organizations, dealers and distributors as well as through the LogicMark e-commerce store. For more information on the Company’s products and services, visit LogicMark.com.

1) LogicMark has revolutionized the personal emergency response system (PERS) industry by building patented two-way voice communication technology directly into the medical alert pendant. So how did you come up with such an idea?

When LogicMark was founded in 2005, we were a revolutionary player in the remote monitoring space. We created and sold devices with innovative two-way voice technology, industry-leading battery life, and an affordable lifetime cost — all without monthly fees. Our PERS (personal emergency response systems) are a simple and effective way to receive help in an emergency: with the press of a button, family or first responders are notified.

Currently, 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 each day. This group and their caretakers are increasingly more comfortable with and reliant on connected devices, but our healthcare system and personal security tech is not up to par to handle this influx of aging adults. This means that the family will begin to play an even larger role in caregiving than they have been up until now.

When I became CEO of LogicMark in 2021, we knew our products must shift with the current marketplace to better serve the aging population and their caretakers. Our technology-driven team is all about innovation. This includes incorporating AI and machine learning to improve the overall user experience and deliver better fall detection, understanding of behavior patterns, and a community connection. Most importantly, we give people the confidence to age in place.

2) LogicMark helps seniors enjoy much-deserved independence along with personal security. How does LogicMark build that confidence in seniors to live independently basing their trust in a personal emergency response system?

Aging adults who live independently often need help. We provide the technology that helps connect them and their family, friends and professional care providers. This means we need to build trust that our devices are reliable and were designed with their needs in mind. To build trust, we offer excellent customer service and work with aging adults and their families to understand how we can best serve them. By speaking with the individuals and their support networks, we learn how to best help them and gain their trust.

3) Provide us a few examples of how LogicMark helps seniors with emergencies? What are some of the emergencies that LogicMark helps with?

LogicMark products can assist in the event of a fall, which is one of the most common and dangerous accidents suffered by older adults. In fact, it is estimated that one-in-four adults over 65 experience a fall each year. Other situations PERS devices can be helpful in are:

general health emergencies, a natural disaster, or being the victim of a crime. While your needs may seem less extreme, they still can require assistance from family or first responders. We connect our users with help any time they need it.

4) LogicMark was established in 2005 and since then the company has worked hard toward improving the quality of life for those who want to continue living independently. It is now also one of the best companies to watch in 2022. So how has the whole journey for LogicMark been so far?

LogicMark has supplied more than half a million PERS devices to older adults and veterans over the past 10 years. We are on a mission to help aging adults live as independently, confidently and safely as possible at home.

We will continue to do this and use our wealth of experience to develop the technology and support needed by caregivers as well. The upcoming LogicMark product line provides protection for the person needing care and peace of mind for those who provide care.

5) Tell us more about the products you offer?

LogicMark’s current product offering is made up of on-the-go and around-the-home personal emergency response solutions designed to meet a variety of needs. Our devices keep aging adults protected and give them the confidence to age-in-place and support caregivers in knowing their loved ones have 24/7 protection.LogicMark currently offers a number of personal emergency response systems:

  • GuardianAlert911+ allows users to feel safe at home or on-the-go via 4G LTE technology; first responders are just the press of a button away!
  • FreedomAlert is an around-the-home solution, landline-enabled for direct communication with friends, family and 911 in the event of an emergency.
  • GuardianAlert911 is an immediate connection to 911 operators, in the event of an emergency at At an affordable price and with no monthly fees, this is a solution for every budget!

We look forward to sharing our exciting new products as they become available in the next few quarters.

6) In a digitally-advanced environment, the competition to remain ahead is intense so how does LogicMark manage to innovate or think creatively to remain technologically advanced?

LogicMark operates within the “Care Economy,” a market ripe for innovation. LogicMark’s product line makes the company a participant in the Medical Alert Systems Market and Aging-in-Place markets that are estimated to grow 7.5% and 13%, respectively, by 2025. 16.5% of the US population is now over age 65, it is critical that we invest in innovative solutions for aging adults and their caregivers. We believe in bringing the innovation we see in other parts of the economy and the greater technology industry, including advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, wearables, and IoT, and applying it to the PERS industry that has stagnated over the past 30 years.

7) Tell us more about the GSA and what role it plays in LogicMark?

The U.S. government awarded LogicMark a GSA contract in July 2021, expanding the company’s existing relationship with the Veterans Health Administration into other federal, state and municipal agencies. The contract gives holders the power to partner with federal, state, and local governments–widening the opportunity for distribution within government. Currently, LogicMark provides devices to U.S. veterans at no charge to them through the Veterans Health Administration medical centers and outpatient clinics.

8) How do you think LogicMark has impacted the lives of the seniors and the personal emergency response system (PERS) industry?

LogicMark has impacted the lives of seniors by giving them the power to connect with loved ones or a caregiver in the event of an emergency. The company’s products and services are affordable and easy-to-use, with patented two-way voice technology. Aging adults feel free while having a safety net and caregivers can feel a little more comfortable knowing that their loved one can reach for help when needed.

LogicMark has impacted the lives of seniors by giving them the power to connect with loved ones or a caregiver in the event of an emergency.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, older adults were severely impacted. They were isolated for long periods of time, which exacerbated emotional and social issues and even was shown to accelerate cognitive decline as well as more physical limitations. Today we are here to change the industry and use the latest technology innovations to combat the major needs facing our aging population and make the lives of older adults more independent than ever.

9) What are the future goals of LogicMark?

As the only public, pureplay company in the remote activity monitoring space, LogicMark has established a leadership team with a strong background in building and marketing data-driven technology. Our goal is to disrupt the personal emergency response system industry and to change how technology is used in the care economy.

LogicMark has supplied over half a million PERS devices to seniors, veterans and loved ones over the past 10 years.

Chia-Lin Simmons is the CEO of LogicMark, a leading provider of medical alert, personal response systems, and remote personal monitoring devices. She has more than 26 years experience as an executive for technology companies including Audible / Amazon, Harman International (Samsung), and Google.

Joining LogicMark in June 2021, Simmons has been able to secure a U.S. General Services (GSA) contract and raise $16.4 million in funding, accomplishments which helped earn her a Gold Stevie for “Maverick of the Year” in Consumer Products in the American Business Awards 2022.


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