The world as in whole has been changing and seen numerous innovations. As mankind develops new technologies it further simplifies our daily life and makes it even better. The way we lived a millennium ago and now, has seen drastic changes. It might be the way we live, cook, commute, communicate, share, and everything else.

From the day we humans learnt cultivation and harvesting, people started settling nearby the river paths. This resulted in the development of communities around these areas that eventually scaled up to become major cities. People started building houses, canals, hospitals and many other places to make it easier for everyone else to live a happy life. From there to the present times, these cities have evolved and seen everything around them change. From here we all are moving to the time where digital technologies would be taking over the human chores and cities would become smarter. LocoMobi World Inc. is one such organization that is transforming the present cities to future-ready smart cities.

LocoMobi World Inc. is a smart city technology company specializing in parking, tolling, transit, storage, asset tracking and threat management solutions. They customize an infinite number of possibilities, which are tailored to the client’s specific Smart City needs. They integrate with a wide range of systems, with both equipment and patent-pending software to ensure the perfect fit for the client’s business model.

Beginning of the business

Understanding the unique business of LocoMobi and curious to know on how the idea was born we asked Grant Furlane, CEO at LocoMobi World Inc. to which he replied- “This first came about during a transition time in 2012-13 when the cloud was first in its infancy. I started to really read and investigate the SAS models as they related to the whole congestion problems and creating a better transportation infrastructure. I had always felt they were all linked together as an infrastructure play but using legacy networks and copper just was not going to cut it. The only way to make the infrastructure work was to be seamless, wireless and mobile. My thought was instead of trying to build on top of old legacy networks I would build the first cloud portal from the top down so there were no legacy walls or challenges and the whole architecture would be brand new from the top down and that’s exactly what we did. We were the first to do it. Linking all the activities was much easier to do once the hard lifting was done. We had to also make sure the technology we used was seamless, frictionless and required no cards, tags, transmitters that would limit the ability to move people and vehicles through the transportation network.”


Reason behind the success

By the virtue of the innovative changes that they are bringing in, LocoMobi has been recognized as one of the 50 best companies of the year. Speaking to CEOViews, Grant remembers the journey to be a tough one. Quoting his exact words- “Very tough but would not trade in for anything. When you formulate a vision, you have to stay the course. You have to work through all the noise as you have technology challenges and you must have willing partners. We managed to get the right team together and the right partners who saw the visions and invested in their future. It’s not easy.”

The management attributes this success of the company and the ability to deliver great results constantly to one thing, passion. It feels If one can create and maintain that level of passion throughout the team you have already won the battle. Next, you must have the leaders to execute the plan. So we hired the best President who had the experience to deliver the final product(s). They pay strict attention to their customers as they drive our technology.

Apart from being passionate, the organization has been customer-obsessed and one needs to be. But unlike the past way of how everyone did business they now understand there is a social responsibility. So they have developed tools to work with the end-users through their clients. Green, sustainable and friction-free products and services.

Being tech-driven

Speaking about the technology that made it possible for them to achieve this feat and drive them to success, Grant explains that, once they have all accepted a challenge of a new program or product, they then build it with the very best development tools as the technology drives technology. For example, if you want to have the very best first in class Vehicle tracking system its not about reading a plate 95% of the time. Realizing camera technology can only do so much, you have to add algorithms that build around the DNA of the vehicle or person that takes the read or acceptance rate to 100%. Dual or triple authentication ensures this. So they look at several ways to authenticate through license plates, mobile, image processing etc., and with probability analytics we achieve the 100%.

Artificial Intelligence has been creating buzz across all the industries and the same goes for LocoMobi too. Brian Storrie, President and the management feel that this is going to be the future of the industry. Having a serious investment in AI from day one has allowed them to stay at the forefront. The future of Quantum computing will change all the business models and again they have already begun developing quantum influenced programs. There is no “catching up“ for folks at LocoMobi.

What the future holds?

People at LocoMobi function as a family. Everyone works on the challenges and reap the rewards together. One has to listen to the team and must buy into your vision with passion and commitment. And that is exactly what LocoMobi is. They go into any challenge in a super positive manner and usually come out on top, it’s a good feeling. With this, they plan to roll out city by city with the same template. It has been successful, so they want to follow this success. They plan to build top partners in the industries and dealers throughout North America. They also plan to have 50-100 new dealers by the 2021 year-end. They think the core IP takes them to many licensing opportunities that allow others to build their businesses as they stay focused on the core competency.


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