Walter Angerer, CEO

The advancement in life that has been brought about by the growth in technology is and will be a topic of discussion. But the point to discuss is how fast we want technology to serve us. In a quest to access information faster, voice assistant technology was developed with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

speak2web, a Minnesota based company, found the loopholes in the existing voice assistant services and modified them to cater to the voice assistant needs of organizations of all sizes. Moreover, the company has streamlined its products in a way that any business irrespective of the size can afford it. The founders realized the potential of voice interface that is being unutilized by most of the organizations due to the lack of customized services.

Most large enterprises use a different set of terminology that has a different context and meaning from the regular common language. The system had to understand specific terminology to redirect the searched item to the specific page. speak2web not only addressed this problem by adding business logic to the voice assistant of their web page but also created a virtual assistant who would help the users to navigate the page. Most voice assistants of web portals do not have the ability to get into the subcategories via voice interface. Thus, speak2web added a lot of business logic into the dialogue to help organizations navigate their clients easily from the request to the solution.

speak2web worked for a large online distributor of technical products who had lots of solutions to offer with different kinds of variants. The customers of the company would have faced an issue with the search engine to find the exact product if speak2web would not have had built a virtual assistant for them with their business logic. This also saves their clients a lot of time and helps them leverage the vast amount of information the company has.

speak2web also helps organizations save the use case on their webpage for future referrals, helping them index the search and narrow it down to a few interesting areas. Generally, large organizations have a huge online portal with a bulk of content and have different parts to it. It gets difficult to navigate their platform to find the correct result unless you know the exact terminology. speak2web helps them updated the system with the ability to understand the hint and do an advanced search to offer the best match. The company helps them structure all the unstructured information that is not accessible through the web portal and add it to the voice interface. This advanced voice service not only helps them access the online portal better, but the customer expectations also increase in terms of information access. Most solution providers offer their services through Google or Amazon, but their voice experience is very technology-oriented and might not understand common language. speak2web offers voice assistant services that are very specific to the company, their clients and products.

speak2web, with its revolutionary services, has made the usage of a voice assistant on mobile devices much simpler as well. The biggest technical challenge in using a voice assistant on mobile devices is being able to access voice interface right when one hits the browser. Voice interfaces depend on several platforms such as mediator support for mobile devices. speak2web addressed this challenge to enable users to access information easily on their mobile device.

The company is working with a travel agency who were looking for a voice assistant that understands what and how a travel agency has to offer on a mobile device. speak2web helped them develop a voice assistant service that is mobile friendly and offers result to all searched queries.

After its massive success in the field of voice assistants, speak2web is expanding its services in Canada. “We are working on the German version of our voice assistant so that we can expand in Europe as well”, says Walter Angerer, CEO, speak2web. In terms of technology, the company is working on creating a complete voice assistant service for the web portal. It will not only help the user navigate the page, but will also read out the entire page so that they do not have to read a single word on the web page.

As they say, technology is ever-evolving and speak2web never stops its research and innovation when it comes to the evolution of voice assistant service.


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