Software development trends in 2021

With the growth of online companies, the creation of websites and applications, a change in software development has been observed. The functioning and security of the software are improved by emerging technology and innovative software development tools. With COVID-19, the demand for productivity and efficiency operations across companies and organizations has increased. Hence, cutting-edge technologies are being deployed in software deployment. Software development is a vast market with many lucrative opportunities that can be explored. Here’s a list of few software development trends in 2021 that are likely to dominate the tech industry in the future.

Hence, the following trends will transform software development trends in 2021.

  • Integration of RPA bots during Software Development

Automation is flourishing globally in all industries at the rate of innovation. BFSI and the healthcare industry have automated redundant documentation to apply human expertise to substantial and urgent activities to continue operations. The incorporation of RPA will improve software development trends in 2021 due to its robust framework.

  • Big Data Analytics in Software Development

Big data has been used by businesses and organizations worldwide to obtain insights and anticipate developments in the coming year. The data analysis space will be improved by software development with the integration of Hadoop and Apache Spark. Big data analytics will encourage the software development space in the coming year.

  • Incorporating AI into Software Development

Artificial Intelligence is regarded as one of the industry’s most significant innovation-seeking technologies. With booming AI adoption, AI-integrated applications would boost business-to-business operations. For web portals or online stores, this would be directly useful for evaluating consumer actions.

  • Integration of Blockchain

The blockchain continues to gain traction through industries. It maintains accountability when referred to as a digital ledger. During the business transaction, the integration of Blockchain into software development processes can help deter fraud and install advanced security features.

  • Implementation of the IoT in Software Development

The use of IoT would move from building sensor-integrated devices to integrating IoT into the development of software. The engineers would scale to their programming skills by incorporating IoT sensors into the software development process without any challenge.

  • Growth of Native App Development

Owing to their growth in demand amongst software companies, it will be one of the fastest-growing software development trends in 2020. Unique machines support native Apps. It improves the user experience and boosts the flawless efficiency of the app across sectors.

  • Enhancement of Continuous Software Development Integration

This enables the delivery of functionality to reduce the cycle and make bug fixing frequent and efficient. It also builds consistency in the software development process.

  • Software Development to be Cloud-Centric

Cloud technology has exceeded its users compared to last year owing to the remote working norm. It is extensively deployed across different industries. Shortly, the development of software will be more cloud-centric. And all data will be processed in the cloud during the software development process.

  • Shift towards DevOps

The software development process is undoubtedly made simpler by DevOps. The development team will also maintain security testing in the future. It will also manage the program operations without any assistance from the security expert.

  • Cross-Platform and Hybrid Development

This latest trend will help represent revolution through the software development process in the coming year. The software will be designed in a hybrid way to compromise functionality and time-to-market for the coding process across mobile platforms.

  • Progressive Web Apps will be the next big thing

Progressive Web Apps in the software development landscape are hot right now. PWAs are web apps that are optimized for mobile devices to function. Think of an app that provides native app features along with accessibility to the website. But without requiring app stores or taking up storage space on your smartphone, that’s what PWAs are.  PWAs offer native apps a similar user experience to send push alerts and access hardware for apps.


Software development trends in 2021 are imperative to the expansion and growth of any business and organization. Organizations must pay attention to emerging developments in software development services and exploit the software technology services offered.


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