Undoubtedly, finance is one of the most critical aspects of all businesses. To start a business, one would need capital investment. It is a must to fund companies to keep operations alive and scale new heights by using the growth opportunities. For this reason, loans from banks and credit institutions act as an easy source of credit to help one get the required funds to meet their capital demands.

However, getting access to credit has been a challenge for many. With the changing global financial scenario, new players emerge in most countries. Among these LaoCann Capital is an international private market investor who provides investment banking services to high net worth individuals, governments and larger corporations motivated to achieve their investment portfolios.


Kenneth Nealey, the founder and CEO of LaoCann Capital, visited Laos. During his visit, he identified the economic boom in the country and felt it can eventually be brought up to par with the other ASEAN countries around it. He did not want to miss this opportunity and wanted to be in it early. So he decided to come back and seek out investments there within the next few years. After returning to Laos, Kenneth experienced firsthand interactions with local and international businesses. He found a gap in the Laos capital market that he can fill with his years of investment experience and deep financial network. Thus LaoCann Capital originated.


The founding partners of LaoCann Capital have a combined experience of more than 70 years in the investment, development and legal consulting of real estate, banking, and finance industries. The team is an expert in finance marketing. The company is this expertise to provide financial services to specific clients. It helps companies to meet a wide variety of financial goals, such as the origination and execution of equity offering and the issuing of debt. It provides investment management, lending services, equity sales, trading, research, and consulting services. It focuses on assisting its clients with divestitures, mergers and acquisitions, private placements, financial restructuring services, and financial advisory services.

Directing the Capital markets has always been a complicated issue, and it has become increasingly complex with tighter regulation and rapid technological change. To succeed, the issuers and lenders must be nimble and can adapt. You need a trusted partner to address any eventuality efficiently and cost-effectively. LaoCann Capital is an organisation that is willing to go above and beyond to ensure they achieve the best outcomes for their clients regardless of the challenges they face. They have experienced, qualified professionals who provide flexible, high-quality, solution-focused services adapted to their clients’ capital, liquidity or risk management needs.


The key trend in capital markets is decentralised finance (DeFi). DeFi tackles two of the main barriers that restrict investor access to attractive assets:

  1. DeFi provides easier access to the data and analytics needed for investment opportunities, research; and
  2. it opens up more convenient access to trading

One key area for LaoCann Capital innovation is tokenisation and fractionalisation. Thereby traditional asset classes acquire “digital wrappers” that enable transactions to be executed on blockchains. They will be able to divide assets into smaller chunks to bring otherwise inaccessible markets and investment vehicles within reach of the smallest investors.


Capitalising a business is a start-up or business continuation move that can have long-term effects on the company’s success. Funding start-up expenses, inventory and operations is a challenge for many business owners. LaoCann Capital provides numerous options and access to capital to entrepreneurs who are willing to consider both conventional and nontraditional ways to capitalise on their businesses.

They believe in being flexible and recognise the need to evolve. Nevertheless, the core values that guide their work have remained the same. They are the timeless principles that make them who they are today. LaoCann Capital’s employees are the

LaoCann Capital is now offering Variable Capital Company (VCC) services through Singapore’s parent company for open and closed-ended investment funds.

most valuable asset of the company. They are integral to the firm’s integrity, professionalism, and excellence culture. They are highly skilled problem solvers who believe challenges represent opportunities and they contribute effectively towards the successful functioning of LaoCann Capital.


LaoCann Capital is committed to forming long-term bonds with its investors, investment partners and colleagues based on integrity, trust, openness, respect & the highest standards of professionalism.

LaoCann Capital is now offering Variable Capital Company (VCC) services through Singapore’s parent company for open and closed-ended investment funds. A VCC facilitates the domiciliation of investment funds in Singapore across traditional and alternative fund vehicles for both open- and closed-ended types. In addition, corporations that are set up as funds in other jurisdictions can also be inwardly re-domiciled as VCCs. With all these services, it is set to become the leading finance organisation in the country.

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