In the information society and the so-called data-driven economy, information is the primary source of technological,  economic and social development.  Cyberattacks or other unwanted events may seriously disturb or damage the systems used for storing, processing and harnessing data and, thus,  have serious effects on the operations of companies. Therefore, from the mid-2000s, it was a common trend that experts of ICT, information security and privacy protection would cooperate to reconcile these areas. But the recent technological and legal developments, such as the widespread use of AI and the application of the  General  Data  Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”) only sped this process up.

Kerubiel has an ever-growing clientele and is one of the most innovative leading companies to providing counselling to its clients in the CEE region.

To manage such situation of crisis, Kerubiel was established with an aim to merge expertise from the field of ICT, information security and privacy protection to offer complex, personalized, and rapid assistance to its clients, and for experts to cooperate exchange, widen, and improve their knowledge and skills.

In recent years,   Kerubiel managed to establish a wide clientele ranging from SMEs to big and multinational corporations.  The company provided its services to a variety of actors from the   healthcare,   insurance, and finance, and other sectors to overcome the problem of complexity generated by the rapidly changing markets. Generally, complex solutions are crucial for companies and there is only a generic set of solutions curated by the same brains.

But Kerubiel provides a wide range of services such as IT audits, information security counseling, development of complex cybersecurity systems based on ITIL and AI-based applications, development of and counseling concerning Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans. “Hackers have become more sophisticated these days and leverage AI to lead automated phishing attacks, to accelerate polymorphic malware, or relying on AI to bypass regular security features. But the same technology if developed and applied properly, can raise the bar of IT security system,” says Laszlo Gyorgy Dellei, CEO, Kerubiel.

The company assesses the information and data management framework of its clients, defines measures and proposes solutions to improve security and compliance of their products or activities. Kerubiel incorporates the most advanced, high-level IT standards, such as the ISO 27000 focusing on the state of the IT infrastructure, identifying IT system availability, potential risk factors, and security or operational failures, or the NIST 800-53 controls assessment which helps it identify gaps within IT systems and focus on controls, time and budget to minimize deviations and redundancies.

Moreover, Kerubiel offers state of the art solutions in the field of data protection with services such as GDPR counselling and outsourced activities like DPO or CISO services. Thus, the company ensures that controllers are effectively protected against adverse events, such as information or data breach, or comply with data protection and information management standards. Kerubiel also focuses on training and preparing employees to prevent and manage risks and any such incident.

Kerubiel has launched two projects aiming to utilize AI-and VR-based solutions to simplify the labour-intensive process concerning cybersecurity due to a new AI-based solution that will analyze anomalies, detect the risk levels, and advise system security analysts on the retaliation course of action in case of a security incident. At the same time, the company is also carrying out research concerning a virtual reality powered game for patients who have suffered a stroke to help them rehabilitate faster.

Kerubiel has effectively cooperated in and contributed to the successful management of a data breach that occurred to a multinational company in Budapest. The breach itself concerned a couple of hundred people, but the misuse of the relevant information could have been harmful to the individuals. Fortunately, the controller rapidly convened the data breach response team consisting of the CSO, the DPO, the head of legal and informatics, developers as well as all relevant actors. The team could analyze the incident and report it to the supervisory authority. Finally, all measures implemented to mitigate the effects of the data breach were successful and thus the authority discontinued its procedure finding no further violations of data security rules.

Primarily operating from Hungary, Kerubiel has an ever-growing clientele and is one of the most innovative leading companies to providing counselling to its clients in the CEE region. As its next innovative project, Kerubiel is also developing a new IoT-based solution to aid the orthodontic market, simplifying the life for both dentists and their patients. This work will be carried out in close cooperation with knowledge centres, such as the University of Pisa and the University of Malta, and British and Cyprian research centres.


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