From the beginning of his career, ICT, IT, and information security and data protection have been at the forefront of Laszlo Gyorgy Dellei’s professional interests. “I followed eagerly as these areas have become increasingly adherent and, as an expert from these fields, began cooperating for the benefit of their clients. This trend became even more apparent with the adoption and subsequent application of the GDPR. Due to the regulation, data protection and data security have become the focus of professional and lay discussion, drawing public attention to the related professions. Furthermore, recent technological developments, such as the widespread use of AI, only accelerated this process,” said Laszlo Gyorgy Dellei, CEO of Kerubiel.


Kerubiel was founded in 2017 to integrate expertise from the areas mentioned above, providing customers with complex, personalized, and rapid advice, and providing a small but ambitious incentive for experts willing to collaborate and share knowledge and skills. Kerubiel is primarily interested in designing specialized Cyber Threat Intelligence tool systems for the Industrial Control System. One of its products won the IT Business Awards Product Development Grand Prize in 2019.

Kerubiel has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Most Influential Companies of the Year 2020. From the beginning, Kerubiel started operating in the industry providing counseling to various clients. With a professional experience of 2 decades working in the industry, both customers and contributing experts, Kerubiel, had a broad network of useful ties. Kerubiel began its counseling activities on this basis, and after the success of the first few ventures, it managed to expand the clientele further and develop as a community.

It took the first two years to develop clientele and expertise. And when the first opportunity arose to get involved with R&D projects, Kerubiel did not hesitate. The organization expanded its operations in this direction. Thus, when the first few projects’ success came, Kerubiel managed to grow in terms of experts. Many of the colleagues used to be contributing or co-operating experts who, when the opportunity came, decided to join the Kerubiel community officially.

“It is not easy to operate in a highly competitive market. Technological and legal developments constantly affect our working methods. To cope with this challenge, Kerubiel and its experts need new and up-to-date knowledge and skills. Thus we not only work with the company but continuously train ourselves daily. Gaining such knowledge might be a competitive advantage since we are prepared not only to follow the latest trends but to act as a trendsetter,” added Dellei.

Every businessperson wants to grow their business, but there are many challenges involved. On the one hand, there is the problem of complexity. The application of modern ICT infrastructures requires the cooperation of various fields of expertise; thus, their problems shall be solved similarly. The wide range of Kerubiel services’ complex yet personalized approach enables Kerubiel to find the best possible solution and provide the most useful and sufficient advice.

On the other hand, there is the so-called “human factor.” A high percentage, an estimated 75% of adverse events, is caused by human error. A trained and prepared employee is the first line of defense, yet this crucial element of the company’s secure operation is often overlooked. Therefore, Kerubiel focuses on training and preparing employees to prevent and manage risks and incidents. Moreover, the organization channels the necessary information for such protection and tries to shape people’s attitudes, thus providing firm and long-term solutions.

Kerubiel primarily operates in the field of IT, information security, data protection, and related areas. Its activities focus on three main lines of services. Firstly, the company provides state of the art IT audits and information security counseling, develops complex cybersecurity systems based on ITIL and AI applications, and advice its clients on business continuity and disaster recovery plans. In so doing, Kerubiel utilizes IT standards, such as the ISO 27000 and the NIST 800-53 controls assessment.

Secondly, Kerubiel advises its clients concerning data protection and data governance to view complicated GDPR compliance. The organization’s primary goals are to ensure that all relevant provisions of the regulation are respected, that the client can demonstrate compliance with the GPDR, and that all systems are protected against any threats and unwanted incidents. To this end, the organization utilizes complex counseling on data security measures based on GAP assessments, outsourced activities, and other services, such as training and education. Kerubiel believes that data protection can be the fourth line of defense.

The company is participating in various R&D projects focusing on emerging technologies, such as AI or VR. One project aims to simplify cybersecurity utilizing a new AI-based solution. The other project is a VR-based health application to provide help for patients recovering from a stroke. Furthermore, Kerubiel is also developing a new IoT-based solution for the orthodontic, in close cooperation with knowledge centers, such as the University of Pisa and the University of Malta, and British and Cyprian research centers.

Kerubiel has worked with several industries of different sizes. One of the most critical aspects of information and data security is the management of unwanted events, such as data breaches. Kerubiel has assisted its clients in taking all necessary measures to prevent and – if necessary – to manage such risks. In case a data breach occurs, the following steps are crucial: (1) to react rapidly, instead of denying the risk; (2) gathering experts that can contribute to the management of the data breach; and (3) to examine the circumstances of the breach to manage it. By utilizing the above-mentioned “method,” Kerubiel has effectively cooperated in and contributed to the successful management of a data breach that occurred to a multinational company in Budapest.

Membership in the Hungarian AI Coalition and Kerubiel’s R&D projects made clear that humane technology is the future. Thus, Kerubiel plans to commit itself firmly to researching new technologies and to continue its projects concerning AI- and VR-based applications. Furthermore, after the initial success, Kerubiel will be actively involved in product development projects. Hopefully, all products will be as successful as the first solutions.

From a geographical standpoint, Kerubiel is establishing a connection in the CEE region and beyond. The organization’s fresh and innovative yet professional approach inspires others to join them and cooperate. Thus, with Kerubiel’s background, the growing clientele, valuable connections with leading experts from various fields, and participation in national and international projects, Kerubiel is destined to become one of the most innovative leading companies providing counseling clients in the CEE region.


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