The global business and technology landscape has been changing rapidly over the years. Adapting to technological trends and customers’ needs has remained the priority for most businesses. In a survey conducted, more than 80% of the respondents said they are willing to invest in accelerating the digital transformation of their business.

It is not just meeting customers’ needs or adapt- ing to changes, this transformation also helps in tapping into a new revenue stream and open up a plethora of opportunities for the business. How- ever, bringing this change into already established business is not an easy task. It requires tremendous expertise, capital expenditure and willingness to adapt to the changes. Brander Group has been assisting clients globally over the years with experience in the digital transformation of businesses.

Jake Brander, President of Brander Group was with the CEO Views team briefing how they were able to streamline the transformation of businesses and implement effective practices across the industry.


Brander Group was started as a response from clients who were having difficulty deploying dedicated internet and global WAN projects working directly with the internet providers. Their team of engineers provide clients with a strategic approach on choosing from over 500 best of breed providers to quickly implement internet circuits in hard-to-reach places. Their product offerings then expanded into the data centre, cloud migrations, voice, mobility and IT procurement support, to provide a full service IT and network consulting firm. They help global leading brands solve critical IT challenges, streamline operations & lower costs.

Addressing challenges

Speaking about the challenges that Brander Group is addressing, Jake said, “It is a developing field which has changed everyone’s lives and acted as a pioneer to drive globalization. Deploy- ing technologies quickly and effectively is considered one of the major challenges in the present generation. As innovation hyperscale’s, the technology trend is updating very fast. To match with the current scenario, bringing new ideas and making them effective plays an important role”.

Choosing the best or “most appropriate” solutions and providers in every architectural area and getting the best prices has been a critical task for all employees involved in network and infrastructure for the past 20 years. And this is where Brander Group helps organizations select the best possible solutions according to their specific situations.

Due to their long-standing relationships with over 500 global service providers, the expert team at Brander Group is able to offer wholesale prices and better support on the following products and solutions

  1. IPv4 Address Procurement
  2. Global WAN Connectivity
  3. Cloud Deployments
  4. Security
  5. IT Procurement

Impacting Global IPv4 Network Connectivity

Brander Group helps their clients safely source IPv4 blocks from reputable providers and manage the process of transferring the assets into their organization. They also help clients increase their bandwidth requirements, migrate to cloud solu- tions to help cut costs, and improve productivity.

They truly understand their client’s needs and then help them align the best fit solution. The best part is they currently don’t have any upfront costs for their consulting services. Their team has worked closely with policy-makers from ARIN, RIPE and APNIC to fully understand transfer policy and market dynamics. Then created a process and procedure with best practices to support the grow- ing demand of clients’ needs for IPv4.

As part of their comprehensive service offering, their team works with customers to help safely perform IPv4 transfers legally and efficiently. Brander Group offers a “white glove” service and supports clients every step of the way including:

  • Internet Registries Complexities
  • Removing BGP & Old Route Objects
  • Re-addressing Strategy
  • Blacklist Reporting & Clean-up
  • Process Management
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Secure Payments

Following the strict policies with regards to clients, they fully qualify each potential buyer and seller to ensure they have proper internet registry approvals.

Building teams and solutions for future

The team has carrier-agnostic engineers that help their clients to choose a solution based on their needs, rather than forcing them into a specific provider. Their employees also have a good understanding of emerging technologies and how to properly implement them. They truly take a consultative approach when it comes to assisting clients with their technology initiatives.

They drive innovation through encouraging employees and mindshare meetings. Their leadership is always challenging the team to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to everyday problems. Brander Group provides more comprehensive solutions as technology expands. They have also planned to launch their own product and service soon.


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