Data Security has been one of the prime concerns of businesses, operations and governments during the last few years and not without reason. It is undeniable that Data Security Laws have evolved over the years both in favor of organizations and individuals.

The introduction of the GDPR has spelled a new era in online security compelling all types of operations to embrace solutions compliant to the current regulations. Inquaero can into life with a special focus on SAP installations to help System Administrators simplify their landscape and IT manager reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Inquaero is a consulting and software solutions company with high expertise in SAP area”. The two founders of Inquaero, Michele Pinton & Francesco Alborghetti are putting it in all it needs to give companies the new age solutions that the need. 20 years of experience in SAP and SAP consulting partners have given them the impetus to launch Inquaero as a new entrepeneurial venture with a bang.

“Flexibility plus independence and fast adaptation to the never-stopping and evolving requirements of the digital transformations needs of our customers, were the key drivers for us to ignite this company”. After 8 months of life Inquaero is running fast and getting bigger, as we’ve been able to see a growing interest in our services and solutions. Naturally, the European GDPR has given its operations a big boost. Inquaero has already made an impact in the market that needs customized data protection solutions with its Inquaero™ ANONIMO.

Each operation needs a personalized solution/software to be able to be compliant to all GDPR relevant articles in terms of personal data privacy and its varied areas of regulations. One of the most prominent areas in case is the way of addressing and treating personal data in test or quality systems. It has been estimated that usually data from production systems are copied and propagated up to 6 or 7 times in the various quality, test, pre-production and development systems. This results in real and personal data/info remaining in systems and databases that are not used for productive purposes.

For example, the real name of employee “Mr. Mario Rossi”, could be replicated in the ERP quality and development systems, as well in the linked quality and test systems of BW, CRM, SRM, SCM installations. The purpose of a Quality / Test system is to have valid data for testing business flows and validating them before moving to production environments.
Getting rid of real personal data and replacing them with realistic data in all quality environments, would automatically protect 70 – 80% of GDPR related personal data.

In the case cited above, the real employee “Mr. Mario Rossi” and his personal data (name, surname, telephone, IBAN, Credit Card) are replaced with fake but realistic values selective randomly by a pool of realistic values). This is where the Inquaero solution steps in for re-mapping real personal data with realistic (and fake) values, like being in a Movie with characters and actors.

Moreover, in order to grant meaningful testing, the solution can change even the address by selecting a random address taken from a pool of addresses of public entities (such as schools, museums etcetera).
There is also the option to select a new city address taken into account the original city place, and choosing randomly form a nearby area of the same county. For example, if the original address is “via Monterosa, 9” in Imperia (county “Imperia”), then this tool can select any valid address of existing nearby school of the same geographic area (Provincia di Imperia), for exampllikee “via Volta 101” in Sanremo (same county) and address of public school “Istituto Italo Calvino”.

This way the software fulfils two prominent goals:

Quality System contains personal data of “fake” or “invented” customer or vendor or employee, and it’s no longer possible to retrieve the original info of the “real” original subject = GDPR in quality system are 100% guaranteed as we’ve replaced real people with “actors”.
Testing and Statistical needs of Quality are granted, as the real personal info are replaced with realistic personal info (of similar geographic areas).

“We named our solution P.I.I. (Personal Identifiable Information) Intelligent Mapping. The main benefit is the replacement of real personal data in quality system with realistic personal data (ex. Similar Name / Surname of same nationality of the original person, and similar address as of original person: this is crucial if clients want to test meaningfully the delivery process)”.

The reason why the Inquaero solution stands out is that other solutions mostly apply “brute” anonymization techniques, that is, replace all names with a unique, fixed value (as “Mario Rossi” replaced by “Anonymous for GDPR”). This clearly limits the significance of the tests.

Among the major industry verticals that it is currently serving are the healthcare industries, telecommunication sector, public utilities and transportation. Co-founder Michele strongly reiterates that the solutions of Inquaero are driven by the market giving its buyers cost-effective software that they can easily integrate into their existing systems instead of coming up with heavily pre-loaded and expensive functionalities that are rarely used. In fact, this the also going to be the future roadmap for the company says Michele.


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