Innovation Excellence Award 2023

Disruptive times demand a new approach to business strategy. The shifting global business land-scape post pandemic created the catalyst for a transition, both in terms of strategy and infrastructure of brands. For growing busi- nesses, brands seek innovation as an essential growth engine. But to step ahead of the disruptive curve, brands need to innovate dierently. Future of brand innovation calls for meticulous strategies to help them cut the complexities of business and thwart market competition by bringing in a tangible change to customer experience.


The current edition of The CEO Views brings to you the companies highly recognized for their innovation excellence. The highlighted companies have not only disrupted the tech field but have also proven themselves as the epitome of innovation ushering young entrepreneurs and organizations in their journey of innovation excellence. Therefore, the listed companies will provide an opportunity for others to explore the realms of undiscovered competencies.

Andrew Walker,

CEO & Co-Founder

AirSeed Technologies is a fast-growing environmental restoration company that combines drones, artificial intelligence and patented biotechnology, to accelerate global-scale reforestation.

G John Okoro,


Auspicious Agile offers clients with industry leading Scaled Agile and IC Agile certification, blockchain training courses, and expert blog posts.

Michael Kallish,


Encoda is a leader in healthcare reimbursement automation, empowering medical billing offices to cost-effectively collect the most money in the shortest time possible.

Albin Kaelin, CEO

epeaswitzerland is an accredited general assessor for the Cradle to Cradle Certified® certification and C2C Certified Material Health CertificateTM️ certification, supporting companies in different areas of activities in the development and implementation of Cradle to Cradle® design concepts.

Newton Queiroz,


Europ Assistance is a world leader in assistance solutions andservices supporting customers in over 200 countries and territories with the mission to bring tranquillity and security to people and companies anytime, anywhere.

Paula Adrião, CEO

Digital supports organizations in their digital transformation journey by building solutions with the use of intelligent technologies and integrating them into business processes.

Gagan Sarawgi,


NVISIONx is the first data risk intelligence platform that fuses business data and cyber intelligence, empowering companies to gain complete control of their enterprise data and its risk.

Balaji Renukumar,


Sensfix is a digital workflow startup that uses multi-modal AI and mixed reality to automate workflows and decision-making in logistics, maintenance, repairs and operations for commercial buildings and industrial facilities.

Michelle Drolet,

Founder & CEO

As the industry’s leading data security preparedness partner, Towerwall help companies safeguard their data and leverage their investment in IT with advanced information security technology solutions and services.

Mansoor Khan,

CEO & President

Wavelabs Technologies is an AI-First, new-age Technology company that specializes in bringing new offerings to the market, building cutting-edge products, platforms, and solutions in an agile and iterative development model.