Allan Sutherland, founder, CEO and President, In-telligent

Critical events and other natural disasters taking place over the world are impacting productivity, impeding team callouts and causing havoc within families and other similar groups. Delayed responses to time-sensitive problems, failed attempts of reaching out to those impacted or failing to see an important disaster notification due to the phone being on silent or on do not disturb option, can prove to be quite fatal. Citizens are in dire need of a mass notifications system that arms them in the event of a critical disaster that could impact their location or simply their family, with an easy-to-use and intuitive solution that seamlessly communicates important information right to their mobile device.

Perfectly poised in this domain is In-telligent with its personal safety and emergency communications platform that has been designed by its team of experts to keep individuals around the world better informed and safer in the event of an emergency situation and important time-sensitive events. Driven by the 9/11 disaster that took countless lives, the company’s recently patented methodology generates a distinct auditory signal which is basically an override alert, even when the devices are in ‘silent’ or ‘do not disturb’ mode. These audible notifications will force the receiver to take note of the message. In-telligent’s technology is licensable as SaaS for enterprise and government organizations to integrate via open APIs into their existing apps and communications platforms, and as a standalone iOS and Android app for the consumer market.

Understanding the Workings of the Platform

Another very important aspect is the diverse languages the world is made up of that sets a communication barrier. Overcoming this hurdle, the platform is comprised of global languages making it more accessible and easy-to-use. Delving deeper into the platform and understanding its features, the team has engineered the application with an SOS button. Allan Sutherland, founder, CEO and President, In-telligent, explains the concept to us, “What if the person is out of their home country, how do they call for help and ask for the police? With the help of the SOS button, we immediately connect them with the emergency services in whatever country they happen to be during times of crisis. We connect them with the local authorities seamlessly as opposed to making them search the internet and hope that they have found the right number.”

He goes on to tell us about how In-telligent is also working to keep skiers safer at resorts around the world by building the numbers for ski patrol at major resorts right in to the platform. If an app user becomes injured or lost, they don’t have to search for the right number to reach help…they simply need to launch the app and use the Contact tab to immediately reach assistance. Allan reveals, “We also partner with NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency). So if there is a major weather event where the user is in immediate danger, we send out an alert to our impacted users as an emergency message that will be noticed immediately irrespective of their phone being on silent or on do not disturb (an override alert).”

Paving the Path Ahead

Allan is a tech entrepreneur with an accounting background but is very passionate about his job and brings with him deep industry-rich experience. He leads a small team of dedicated professionals that work ceaselessly at making the platform a complete success. Currently, the platform is present in six different continents, over 90 countries and has over 600,000 downloads with an aim to increase those numbers globally in the years to come; gaining complete global recognition. As trending technologies and the permeation of smartphones take over, In-telligent envisions gaining even more recognition and further developing its platform by continuing to deliver value-added services. Enthralled by their already huge progress made in this sector, Allan signs off on a positive note, “Because we have opened up the In-telligent technology to not just our own application but to other apps, we have literally hundreds of new opportunities to help provide peace of mind during stressful situations. We plan on partnering with organizations around the world by integrating our technology into theirs. Of course, we will also continue focusing on increasing the user base of our app by spending on advertising to raise awareness. We envisage making In-telligent a household name everywhere in the world”.


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