If you can imagine it, they can do it.” A statement proclaimed by one of  ImagineSoftware’s first clients that shaped the future of the company, ImagineSoftware was incorporated and launched in 2000 as a workflow and document imaging company. After successfully developing enterprise-wide analysis and financial systems in 2002, the company began to focus on the healthcare IT sector around 2003. Twenty years later, the goal remains the same: ‘To be the leading healthcare revenue cycle management platform.’

The main aim here is to provide the highest level of automation and support for our clients

Revenue cycle management possesses the potential to financially make or break health care organizations. In addition to ever-changing policies and regulations, effective billing and collection processes are becoming more important than ever for medical billing companies, practices, and hospitals to stay afloat. Designed as a complete medical billing solution, ImagineSoftware is reinventing revenue cycle management to create a more streamlined and patient-centric experience. Ever since its inception, ImagineSoftware aimed to meet and exceed the needs of its clients. ImagineSoftware wrote its own physician enterprise billing system while leveraging its core competencies and technologies around document imaging, workflow efficiency and process automation. The company worked towards revamping the software to accommodate the needs of its initial clients who got it started in radiology. ImagineSoftware has appealed to the market by truly creating systems that are focused on making the revenue cycle management landscape easier to navigate and more profitable for all those involved while enhancing the client’s reputation by providing an improved patient experience.

Over time, as the industry shifted, ImagineSoftware evolved along with it. And, as the healthcare market continues to churn due to increasing government regulations, ImagineSoftware is always one step ahead so that its clients never need to worry about their revenue cycle processes. Operating as one of the leaders in the automation of medical billing software and RCM solutions, ImagineSoftware is focused on creating cutting-edge medical billing software that is both flexible and scalable while streamlining workflow management, ultimately allowing for an increase in revenue. The company’s products not only offer advanced technology and automation but also delivers a seamless connection for full optimization in the healthcare practices’ management experience. “The main aim here is to provide the highest level of automation and support for our clients,” states Sam Khashman, President & CEO.

The automation that ImagineSoftware provides enables clients to achieve time and cost savings, eliminating productivity challenges and decreasing employee frustration. Automating simple, repetitive tasks without human intervention is what creates an extremely efficient billing and revenue collections cycle. “Numerous clients are seeing as 100 percent of charges captured automatically and more than 2,500 total saved hours per year, with reductions in the time it takes to complete tasks like claims processing, claims filing, and denial management,” mentions Khashman.

ImagineSoftware has always been at the forefront of innovation and aims to continue their pursuit by creating technological enhancements that will assist clients in working smarter day in and day out. Khashman believes that advancements in intelligence alone will shape the healthcare revenue cycle arena into something it has never been before. ImagineSoftware looks to lead the way with superior software and service, creating lasting long-term client and partner relationships. To stay the market leader and to increase market share, ImagineSoftware constantly takes note of major events that will impact the business. By integrating both market intelligence and client feedback to improve its services, the company will continue to raise the bar to help the current healthcare industry, which is experiencing a lot of uncertainty.

“We never forget who we work for. Without our clients, we’re just a software company. They are the reason we’re successful,” says Sam Khashman, ImagineSoftware, CEO.

Who We Are:

ImagineSoftware is the leading provider of billing automation software and revenue cycle management applications. Offering powerful technology solutions for medical billing offices, practices, and hospitals, ImagineSoftware currently services more than 48,000 physicians across all 50 states and Canada. The company is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina with additional office locations in San Diego, CA, Delmar, NY and Daytona Beach, FL.


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