IBM (NYSE: IBM) and Grammy-winning Colombian singer, songwriter and producer Andrés Cepeda will partner to collaboratively compose the artist’s next single, a pioneering initiative in the region, marking the convergence of artistic talent and artificial intelligence technology.

To that end, Andrés Cepeda will make available to IBM part of his music history for IBM Watson –through technologies such as Watson Beat and Watson Tone Analyzer- to indicate the emotional tone, language and music structure that match the sentiment of his fans. The technology will help him compose a full song (music and lyrics) whose final arrangement and performance will be the responsibility of the artist.

IBM’s cognitive computing system, Watson, is a cloud-based platform that learns similarly to humans via senses, learning, and experience. It can analyze large volumes of unstructured and structured data, understand natural language, and glean insights to improve the decision-making of professionals in a wide range of fields. As Watson learns information from additional data, its machine learning capabilities makes it more intelligent over time to solve challenges and expand human expertise.

Through this partnership, IBM Watson Beat will study big volumes of data including the lyrics and melodies of the artist’s full musical pieces, and IBM Watson Tone Analyzer will study conversations on social networks and social trends, among other sources, taking Andres Cepeda’s creativity and potential to a whole new level and integrating the highest human sensitivity with leading-edge technology to create a totally new collaboration in music.

The resulting collaboration with Andrés Cepeda will be released in September, with the introduction of a new single to drop by the end of the year.

“As artists, we want to create deep connections with our audience and find inspiration in places we never imagined. For that reason, IBM Watson is a great assistant to accomplish this goal,” said Andrés Cepeda.

“This partnership with Grammy-winner Andrés Cepeda is a sign of how augmented intelligence can help artists and other professionals spark new innovations and discoveries in music and other industries including healthcare, finance, and architecture,” said Federico Martínez, General Manager IBM Colombia. “Andrés is a forward thinking artist who will revolutionize the Latin America music industry through cognitive computing that understands human emotions, social trends, language styles, and the most successful rhythms or hits, to help musicians continue creating in really innovative ways.”

This project uses Watson Beat, which interprets musical theory, structure and emotional intent from a few notes and can expand upon it to create entire songs; and Watson Tone Analyzer, which detects tone and style in a piece of text in conversation or communications. Tone Analyzer uses linguistic analysis to detect three types of tones in written text: emotions, social tendencies, and writing style.


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