With the advancement of mobile network technologies and mobile electronic equipment, Key Competencies of Advertising is becoming increasingly intense for the entire mobile application industry. To stand out in the fast-growing market for mobile devices, advertisement distribution is a must for companies to increase their exposure.

However, making a casual advertisement is not a matter that can calmly wait for the outcome. If we don’t find the right marketing strategies for our products, the high investment also yields low returns. Hence, it is crucial to increase advertising efficiency.

Identify the Market and Encourage the Target Population

As the CPM price of major network media outlets has risen in recent years, we’ve seen rising consumer acquisition costs and a higher purchasing threshold. It is the first step for advertisers to effectively acquire customers by correctly targeting target customers, paying advertiser’s fees in which it matters most, and efficiently and correctly disclosing them. Therefore, before advertising, we need to create a user model based on product characteristics and collect specific data from target users to plan for the corresponding intervention.

For example, we can use the user profile data to incorporate terms of interest to reach more markets when making a Facebook advertisement. Meanwhile, to constantly change setting conditions, we should pay close attention to the range of the planned daily clicks.

Choose the Best Advertising Network

Given the difference in audience, prudent selection of the corresponding distribution networks is necessary. There are now different advertising networks, and with less effort, the right ones will make the advertisement impact stronger. Some ads are appropriate for social networking sites, some for video sites, and some for different sub-domain or user-focused networking sites.

In addition to global channels, in order to consider localization, advertisement distributors need to understand the impact of local networks in target countries in advance. Moreover, by opening up networks, they will reach certain countries. We will then use data analysis tools to provide us with a reference. By analyzing similar Apps’ advertising results, we can analyze the impact of each network or media to find the optimal network.

Manufacturers of hyper-casual games like Voodoo and SayGames have teamed up to buy media traffic on TikTok, which is also a fascinating trend. An increasing number of game advertisers, of course, choose TikTok to release ads because they value their power and high conversion performance.

Choose the Right Kind of Creative Advertising

In addition to adequately investigating advertising networks, with the advancement of technology, different ad creative styles were born at the right time, and each of them differs in the production process, cost, and effect.

For example, in the e-commerce market, new products are emerging every day. Images and carousel advertising are the perfect options for getting them on the market as soon as possible. Game apps can pick videos to draw users to more comprehensively represent gameplay methods, especially mid-core games and hardcore games.

Emphasis on Quality Advertising

The next step is to formulate the material after preliminary preparations have been completed. According to Facebook’s data analysis, poor advertising content (including malicious propaganda, click temptation, and inferior creativity) is one of the three main barriers to shaping player experience.

Therefore, advertisers have to tailor advertisements and even a more comprehensive definition of advertising according to the audience they’re trying to reach. They will also consider the content based on target users. For example, players from Japan and Korea are more inclined to find some high-level games. At this time, the advertisements we release must contain material that exhibits the games high quality to encourage them to download.

Secondly, utilizing sufficiently innovative promotional ideas is key to achieving the high-standard buying impact on media. So we need to create the ad creative’s that can easily and reliably meet user’s needs. Yet we need to take time and resources into consideration.

In summary, to increase advertisement performance, it is essential to define the target market, choose the appropriate type and network of advertising, as well as pay attention to advertising content. At the same time, with the help of some advertisement spy devices, it is suggested to provide the appropriate data reference.


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