Green Air Care Group Inc originally started with two trucks offering residential air duct cleaning services. By the end of the first year, the organization had twelve trucks and serviced almost a thousand homes per month This naturally led to adding Heating & Cooling components to its list of offerings “While we were new to the HVAC industry, with no prior experience of processes, terminology, and industry in general- we were quick learners and eager to become a noticeable player in this space. We took and implemented all the HVAC industries’ best practices while tweaking them or adding more current and efficient methods available in any business today,” said Larry Kichatay, Co-Owner and the CEO of Green Air Care.

With the help of creative marketing, trial, and error. aggressive recruiting practices, and most importantly, utilizing help and advice from the vendors, helped the organization scale the business fairly quickly to see double-digit growth every year. While Green Air Care has been in this space for only four years, the company ranks # 3 in the state with ComEd for the volume of customer rebates it does. Green Air Care is also a three-time Carrier President’s Award recipient, which is the highest honor award given by Carrier HVAC manufacturer to only the top 5% of Carrier Factory Authorized dealers in North America (the US and Canada). In 2021, the company was recognized and ranked on Inc 5000. list and Inc 5000 Midwest list as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the nation and the Midwest.


In this competitive world, being a brand is very important. “I think branding is critical not just for products, but also for service companies. We live in a world where people choose brand products or services based on what those brands represent. It could be innovation, quality, service, value, or overall perception. While there a lot of smartphones with similar capabilities and functions, people are willing to pay more to buy the brand that fits their expectation criteria, be it an Apple or Android device,” added Kichatay. When you start a business, most entrepreneurs ignore branding, simply because the emphasis is to get the business going and generate revenue. Eventually, the brand needs to get executives’ attention to sell the product or service.

Green Air Care’s brand development started from most essential things as designing uniforms, well-defined processes to deliver uniform service that customer can expect every time. The organization has developed a unique graphic to put on all of its brand-new trucks fleet- green eyes. This item alone has created attention and curiosity on the roads. The same graphic was incorporated on the jackets and shirts our Tech wear. Brand awareness and company PR in general also help significantly in the recruitment process. People want to work for and with companies that drive change, hit new records, disrupt the market and that’s what the organization is doing today.

Once a solid market awareness is established, the key becomes in protecting that brand and its reputation. Green Air Care has spent a tremendous amount of effort to build a solid online presence in HVAC in the Chicago area. Given its success, several copy-cats have emerged in multiple states, trying to capitalize on that success. In the last three years alone, the organization had to send multiple cease-and-decease letters to companies that were using its name, marketing under its marketing brand, or completely copying its website in some cases forgetting to change the phone number on some pages. These efforts are time-consuming and costly but have to be done to protect the brand. Businesses never stay at the same level; they are either moving forward and growing or declining and will be wiped out by those who do.

Green Air Care is a full-service Heating & Cooling company. It offers residential and commercial HVAC services, be it replacement or repair of your furnace or A/C or complete installation for new development. Depending on the customer’s budget, the organization tailors each quote to maximize the customer’s value from their system. Be it in the form of energy efficiency or maximum rebate they get from their local utilities. Given its preferred vendor status with ComEd, the organization can provide instant rebates, so the customers don’t have to worry about filing online and waiting weeks for their rebates Similarly, the organization takes on the administrative tasks to file for an equipment warranty extension on behalf of the customers, which otherwise most people forget to do. The organization’s goal is to make HVAC purchase easy and stress-free as much as possible

At Green Air Care, partnership means transparency, honesty. fair problem resolution, respectful negotiation, information sharing, and joint celebration of achievements. In its case, this refers to the equipment vendors, marketing agencies, bankers, utility companies, and many more. Green Air Care sets itself apart from its competitors by providing the best services. “Outside of early mentioned tasks we do on behalf of our customers, which either none or only very few companies do, we also do care to do whatever it takes. The more boring differentiator we see on the market, at Green Air Care, we do not cut corners. We always use quality products, accessories and ensure that our installs will exceed the generally accepted lifespan of the equipment. When we send our reviews to all our completed jobs, we feel good when the vast majority of them are all excellent” extols Kichatay. All works of Green Air Care come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

It’s an exciting industry that will go through many transformations in the next few years. New refrigerants, new technologies, new propositions models, you name it- the change is coming. There are more and more new players joining the playfield, and they are younger, more thoughtful, eager, and hungry. Ultimately, this is good for consumers and HVAC dealers. It creates competition to deliver better, faster, cheaper, and with a lemon twist on that. Green Air Care is always trying to innovate and try new things to sit what works, what sticks. The organization borrows best practices or processes from other industries to see if it can create better value for the customers and set new standards. The future is now!


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