Fluid Business Solutions

Fluid Business Solutions was built with a clear vision of the value they wanted to offer. Fluid Work wanted to leverage tech to create a platform onto which an entire organization could log on, and never have to leave. The organization wanted to give everything a person would need in one place. Fluid provides users space to work on projects, collaborate and communicate with colleagues, and attend meetings. It equips project managers with a top-down view with no more manual PowerPoint reports for meetings and no more running around finding the agenda. Fluid Work made everything automated and seamless. Everyone can focus on their work as opposed to their administrative tasks.

Businesses are looking for solutions that can allow collaboration for their teams, any time and any place especially in recent days work from Home. Cloud-based solutions are becoming more and more popular for this, and Fluid is the perfect solution for project and program management, given that is easily accessible by the entire team, provides one single source of project information, and with automation and innovation, it reduces the amount of manual administrative work that project teams need to do, allowing the teams to deliver with fewer impediments.

Fluid is a full all-in-one project, program, meeting, and productivity management tool. It provides one single ecosystem for your project work. It has a single interface for managing every aspect of a project such as reporting, financials, resourcing, planning, risk management, document management, timesheets, and more. It also brings the full offering of Kanban and Sprint boards into one system with your project workspace and has a full meeting management module that automates the manual admin around project meetings. It is a one-stop shop for full project delivery. Fluid also has a built-in Chat functionality, allowing users to collaborate in context on any given item. Our users find a reduction in emails, a reduction in meeting times, and a reduction in manual reporting due to our automation, and just overall ease of use.

Fluid Work’s Meeting Module has proven case studies to show that organizations using it not only save a lot of time and have better, more efficient meetings but save a lot of costs too! Fluid meetings have been shown to reduce meeting times by up to 25%, reduce the admin burden of meetings by 65%, as well as massive cost savings due to resource time saved – around $400 per meeting on average.

Fluid Business Solution consistently surpasses client expectations with its initiative to continuously innovate with such a great team, all of whom have a huge focus on client service. The team works with its clients to make sure that they get the most out of Fluid, whether it’s standard functionality or innovative custom builds. There is no secret recipe; it’s purely down to having such a fantastic team, culture, and drive to deliver top-quality service.

Various examples that effectively portray Fluid Work’s initiatives to drive innovation within are its constant aim to provide the highest level of service for its clients. Built into that is, innovation around new features, making current features better, and its product roadmap for new and exciting things the solution can offer in the future. Fluid Work even has a portal where existing users can log functionality requests that then get voted on by other users. The more votes a wish list feature gets, the faster it makes it into our roadmap. Saying that though, the Fluid Solution is already incredibly innovative as is, with its automated reporting, one-of-a-kind Meetings Module, and it’s all in one approach.

Fluid is a full all-in-one project, program, meeting, and productivity management tool.

A couple of factors separate Fluid Business Solution from the rest in its marketplace. The first is how feature-rich Fluid is. It covers project management (all of it in one place), but it also covers task management with Kanban and Sprint Boards, and its Meetings Module is something unique in the marketplace. The second is who they are. The vision at Fluid Work is to provide a world-class PPM solution that not only improves the way projects are run globally, but also improves the lives of each individual who uses Fluid; by saving them time, reducing stress, and allowing them the time to maintain a proper work-life balance. So, Fluid Work is more than a product, it’s a cause that the organization is fighting for, to allow people to work better so that they can balance work/life. The mental health aspects of Fluid are every bit as important, if not more so than the work time saving and cost reduction benefits.

“Our clients love us, and it comes down to how hard we work to make sure they get the highest level of service possible. We have great reviews on our social media pages, as well as constant feedback from a client about the difference Fluid is making in their lives. One of our executive clients who use Fluid in their business said “Fluid has saved me a lot of time when it comes to navigating project-related updates across the entire Tech PMO team and is a great productivity and management tool which I use daily to track notes, decisions and actions. Fluid is an excellent example of how technology is best when it brings people together” says Jared Whitaker, CEO of Fluid Business Solution. Fluid Work is in the scale-up mode now. The organization is taking on more and more clients, across our existing areas of the UK, US, and Africa, and branching out into new geographies such as the Middle East and Europe. They are growing rapidly, and the sky is the limit.


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