Our  people   have   innovated   in   the pharmaceutical market for decades, creating the first co-pay plan, the first evangelical selling plan, the first  persistency program, the first patient guarantee  promotion, and the first indigent patient program.”

Businesses employ the services of consultancy firms as their content and strategy experts. Whether it’s a  brand trying to gain the market focus or a company trying to navigate through their operations, businesses sometimes need to employ consultancy firms in order to help them navigate towards better management, leadership, and success. Consultants bring their expertise and knowledge of particular subjects to the industry. They assess the issues of the company at hand and come up with strategic solutions for their clients.

Our firm has introduced more blockbuster drugs than anyone else within the industry and our focus is always about finding new and better ways to jump the revenue curve for our pharmaceutical clients

Flaum Navigators Inc, a pharmaceutical consultancy firm, provides C-suite counsel to clients on projects at every step, from marketing to sales, innovation, managed markets, medical education, regulatory, digital communications, public relations and advertising. The company aims to guide its clients towards success by offering seamless, synergistic solutions without the artificial silos that add cost and reduce effectiveness.

Flaum Navigators was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in New York.

“Our firm has introduced more blockbuster drugs than anyone else within the industry and our focus is always about finding new and better ways to jump the revenue curve for our pharmaceutical clients,” says Sander A. Flaum, Principal, and Founder of Flaum Navigators Inc. The company looks at how other successful firms have grown in their space with different disruptive innovative strategies. It then takes these ideas and transforms them into new strategies and potential successful outcomes for its clients. The company researches the challenges and concerns its clients have before coming up with a tailor-made solution for them. Flaum Navigators aims to assist its clients with their significant issues, be it sales, marketing and competitive issues, positioning, or culture.

Flaum Navigators accelerates pharma marketing business growth through transformational ideas that are iconic, pristine and hardwired to marketing and sales effectiveness. Since the last three decades, the company guaranteed to help brands achieve success with proven strategies and planning. Their aims are to offer successful business decision-making by providing seamless, synergistic solutions, without the artificial silos that add cost and reduce effectiveness. At Flaum Navigators, we hold our principles and code of ethics very highly in order to maintain a good outlook for our people and for our clients.

 ‘Our Paradigm  is  Helping  Clients  Obtain  New  and  Innovative Sales and Marketing Solutions by Providing Actionable and Sustainable Strategic Marketing Counsel’

Moreover, moving ahead along with technological growth, Flaum Navigators is working with its clients in the pharma industry on digital and A.I. usage. This technique has been developed to identify who are their major users and how to use this technology to further their service to physicians, hospitals, insurers, and patients.

The major challenge that most of the company’s clients have to deal with is getting products on formularies Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM). Without being on their formularies, physicians cannot or will have difficulty writing prescriptions for its client’s products. Also, clients will not approve Flaum Navigators using its outcomes with them publicly. Thus the company surrounds itself with smart and experienced consultants who are way ahead in the advanced technology field and work with niche clients globally. Clients know when they need to jump the revenue curve with current products and position new products against the competition; we are the company to go to.

Meet the Man behind the success of Flaum Navigators: Sander A. Flaum, MBA

Sander A. Flaum is a renowned business leader, marketing and sales effectiveness coach, motivational speaker and a best-selling author. He serves as the founder and CEO of Flaum Navigators. He created the first persistency program, the first adherence program, and the first “War Games” program. His ability to challenge conventional wisdom has assisted Flaum Navigators’ clients to confront daunting odds and successfully reinvent themselves to maintain their market advantage. PharmaVoice selected Sander Flaum as one of its ‘100 Most Inspiring People’. Sander serves on the boards of The Ohio State University College of Arts and Sciences, The John Glenn College of Public Affairs, The James Cancer Center, Fisher College of Business where he also serves as the Executive-in-Residence. He also serves on the boards of The American Friends of Tel Aviv University, and Edge 4Vets where the company assists returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan find employment in the United States. He received his undergraduate degree from The Ohio State University followed by an MBA degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University.


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