To succeed in the complex world of technology, you need exceptional connections – to the right experts, the right opportunities and the right answers. First Tek sits at the center of this ever-changing technological world – uncovering opportunities and connecting possibilities.

First Tek was founded with a vision to provide quality, cost effective IT services and solutions and has grown to include a suite of businesses focused on innovation in the technology space. From its origins partnering with leading companies to connect them with top technology talent, First Tek CEO and Founder Kumar Bhavanasi has leveraged his exceptional connections to grow and expand its services to include custom software design and development for web and mobile applications for clients across the United States.

A developer himself, Bhavanasi built First Tek by first identifying and cultivating talented individuals working in emerging technologies, then connecting them to clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to state governments. He has a passion for driving efficiency and developing synergies among employees, clients, and vendors. By continually striving to understand what will make his clients and people successful, he collaboratively develops the company’s long-term strategic vision and an efficient tactical plan, then motivates his team to get results. He is the driving force behind First Tek’s success since its founding and guardian of the company’s loyalty and dedication to its clients and employees.

First Tek has repeatedly demonstrated its capability to successfully serve diversified industries throughout the nation. The company’s response rate has historically not only been rapid but also regarded as high quality according to clients which include AAA, Bonneville Power Administration, Bank of the West, City of Beverly Hills, Microsoft, NBC Universal, Northrop Grumman, TD Bank, 3M, Wipro, Cognizant, UST Global, SAP, EMC, Walmart, Canon, Netflix, Fox, CBS, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Cafex, and BlackDuck and many others.
The company has expertise in managing resources, logistics, and tools to implement technology in many areas of IT. Once a strategy has been defined and a company begins planning implementation, they turn to First Tek to handle all aspects of completing projects and support in managing the resources that are central to the infrastructure and technology portfolio, including software development, support, deployments and training.

“Our people have the knowledge, dedication and excellence to keep your business on track. We have the right people with right skills, so you can get on with business,” said Bhavanasi.

Clients with excess workloads or special projects hire First Tek’s consultants to work on an “as needed” or contract basis, for short or long terms. First Tek can provide specialists proficient in nearly every IT discipline and experience level, when and where companies need them. And First Tek employs dedicated and responsive Account Managers to provide around the clock support on client projects.
Bhavanasi says, “We understand that when a company turns to us, they’re doing more than simply delegating work; they’re entrusting us with a piece of their company’s future.”

With core values that include integrity, honesty, persistence, hard work and a focus on company and personal growth, it’s no wonder that the firm has been so successful. A testament to the company’s culture and focus on quality and integrity is that First Tek has grown its employee and client base primarily through referrals and repeat business, with very little other marketing. As individuals who have been on the client side working with First Tek move on to other departments or employers, they consistently continue to call First Tek for support on new projects.

“First Tek has always bent over backwards to meet our company’s needs, no matter how different of complex they may be. They are definitely a preferred vendor for my needs,” said a repeat client from a Fortune 500 engineering firm.

From an initial focus in the Northeast and MidAtlantic region, First Tek now has nearly 1,000 employees serving clients in 42 states, with a projected revenue of $120 million in 2018. But it hasn’t always been easy. In its early days, First Tek didn’t have a formal marketing, sales, or account management team, but they were competing against larger, more established companies who had dedicated staff who could perform needs assessments across departments in potential client companies. Nevertheless, Bhavanasi persisted through hard work and determination. The company also had to manage clients’ concerns about financial liability, so the firm initially adapted its billing structure to accommodate a lower risk profile for its clients.

Despite its rapid growth, First Tek employees remain loyal to the company, with an average tenure of more than a decade. Much of that retention is attributable to the company’s consistent focus on professional development, first hiring the best and the brightest individuals, then making a significant investment in training to keep certifications current or ahead of trends.
To Bhavanasi, it’s simple, “Employees come first. Without employees, we wouldn’t have a business. And the longer they stay with us, the better and more productive they are. We have a great team of tenured employees who are accountable, self-directed and get things done efficiently.”

When asked to name the five factors that propelled his success through the years, Bhavanasi lists persistence, hard work, education, his wife’s support, and his ability to anticipate changes in the market and his clients’ needs.
Bhavanasi sees ethics and success going hand in hand: Client and employee relationships have to be built on honesty and hard work in order to grow and lead to other relationships. “It’s a no brainer,” he says. “Do what is good for the employee and the clients, and success will follow.”
As for the future, Bhavanasi sees continued growth for First Tek and its affiliates. He anticipates expanding the company’s footprint by adding locations, new skillsets, and emerging technologies through acquisitions of companies that show strong growth and profitability.


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