famous technical trends

Now technology is rapidly evolving. As technology advances, it allows for even quicker change and development, allowing the rate of change to increase. Careers based on technology don’t change at the same pace. But they’re changing, and the savvy IT professional knows his or her position won’t remain the same. And a 21st century IT worker should be actively learning (out of necessity if not desire). The coming decade will undoubtedly carry with it many exciting and famous technical trends.

Listed below are few famous technical trends which will define the next decade

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Our society would be entirely changed by the growing capacity of computers to learn and function intelligently. It’s also the driving force behind many of the other listed trends. It is one of the most famous technical trends of the decade.

Internet of Things (IoT)

It refers to the ever-growing number of Internet-connected “smart” devices and objects. These tools capture and relay data continuously, further accelerating the rise of Big Data and AI.

Big Data and Augmented Analytics

It refers to the exponential increase in the amount of data generated in our world. We can make sense of and work with incredibly complex and varied data sources due to improved analytics.

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Cybersecurity and Resilience

Since companies face unprecedented new threats, the ability to prevent and mitigate cybersecurity threats will be crucial for success. Cybersecurity is one of the most famous technical trends after AI.

Robotic Process Automation

This technology is used to automate routine and organized business processes. It allows human workers to concentrate on more complex, value-adding work. This is part of a more significant shift toward automation that will impact all industries.

Cloud Computing and Edge Computing

Cloud computing- where data is stored on other machines and accessed via the internet. It has helped open up the abundance of data and analytics. Edge computing – where smart devices (such as phones) process data – should take this to the next level.

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Intelligent Rooms and Smart Areas

Closely linked to the IoT, this trend is witnessing the increasing connection and smartness of physical spaces. Such as homes, offices, and even entire cities.

Distributed Ledgers and Blockchains

This super-secure method of data storage, authentication, and security could revolutionize many business aspects. Precisely where the facilitation of trusted transactions is concerned.


The fifth generation of cellular data network will provide us with faster, smarter, more reliable wireless networking. It will also drive changes in many other developments, such as more connected devices, and richer data streams. 5G is becoming one of the most famous technical trends, and it has a very promising future.

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Nanotechnology and Materials Science

Our growing ability to understand materials and manipulate matter on a small scale gives rise to exciting new technologies and goods.


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