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Are you someone whose family member is going through a custody case trial? Do you want to know more about how you can survive a custody case? If you are interested in knowing about tips for surviving custody cases so that your naive self can handle them, then you have come to the right article.

Hire a law attorney

Doing research on your own and dealing with this massive case is different than hiring an attorney, as they know more about the law system and can guide you to make the right steps. The thing is that many parents tend to follow their instincts and have unexpected expectations during the trial, which only put them in a vulnerable position.

Work together

Although you may not want to hear this, it is extremely important that you try to work out things with your partner when dealing with a child custody case so that you both can avoid future misunderstandings and unexpected scenarios.

By having a direct conversation with your partner, you both could work out ways to find a middle ground that you both agree on.

Focus on the interest of the child

Instead of being selfish and greedy, try to accept the present for what it is and focus solely on what is best for the child. Factors such as finance, work & home environment, school, etc., come into play when caring for your child.

If you feel that you cannot work and balance these things, make sure that you let the judge and your attorney know.

There are many lawyers out there, such as Traverse City Family Law & Divorce Lawyers, who help parents, go through the stages of a child custody case.

Exercise caution

It may be said easier than done, but you have to always keep in mind the type of language and attitude that you are putting out in public, as in most of these cases, it is important that you try to stay calm, mannered, and mature so that the judge and the people on media and social platform can see you for who you are.

Your activities on social media and engagement with other peers online have a great effect on your case, and so it is best that you always try to stay calm.

Stay engaged in your child’s life

When you are fighting a battle to win child custody, you do not want to completely give your time and energy to the case and neglect your child. Instead, try to keep things normal at home and make them feel comfortable.

Try to engage in activities that your child likes to do, such as playing games, reading books, studying, etc.

Address issues

Although this tip may seem easy, many parents out there fail to do this. It is extremely pertinent that you reflect on yourself and underline issues that may cause disturbance in your child’s life in the future.

Having temper issues, addiction, anxiety, depression, staying busy, etc., could all impact your child and make them feel unwanted, so make sure that you talk to your attorney and ask for ways you could improve yourself, which would help in winning the case.


With a strong and experienced attorney coupled with your right and honest intentions, you could easily survive a child custody case. Hopefully, these tips could help you understand so that in the future, you can apply them when going through the child case.


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