The new FAMAR has in March 2023 completed 3 years of significant successes and recognitions in the international arena by steadily investing in its people and setting demanding business growth and environmental goals. Its efforts have contributed to the Group’s international recognition as FAMAR has been awarded in March 2023 with a series of 6 distinctions at the CDMO Leadership Awards 2023: Capabilities, Compatibility, Expertise, Quality, Reliability and Service. With these awards, FAMAR is recognized as a partner that consistently exceeds its customers’ expectations, rewarding its commitment to providing high quality services, creating innovation and continuously developing its capabilities in order to be a reliable partner.

FAMAR operates in Italy, Spain and Greece employing more than 1,800 employees. With six production plants, two research and development centers for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products and one pharmaceutical distribution center, FAMAR is a leading European CDMO, providing services to more than 120 pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.

FAMAR’s growth path has been recognized and rewarded with a number of awards based on customer feedback on the performance of the Group’s contract manufacturing practices on delivered projects and operational excellence.

Faithful to its principles, the Group pays special attention to the environment by making systematic efforts to reduce CO2 emissions through substantial investments. As an organization that wants to actively contribute to the green transition, the Group launched a major green investment plan focusing on renewable energy in 2022. It has completed the installation of photovoltaic panels in a large part of its facilities in Greece, ensuring 3,000,000 KWh of installed capacity, already leading to a 20% reduction in its CO2 footprint. In Spain, the installation of photovoltaic panels has been completed, ensuring a capacity of 867,000 KWh. FAMAR is in the process of installing photovoltaic panels at its facilities in Italy. The total investment in all facilities meets the highest standards of safety, efficiency and sustainability.

These efforts were recognized with a Gold award at the Green Awards, which promote excellence and innovation in products, services and development processes for the environment.

Continuing its growth path, FAMAR is implementing its ambitious business plan with a clear objective to further strengthen its position and improve its share in the international market of CDMOs through organic growth, without excluding the future search for strategic partnerships or acquisitions.

FAMAR operates in Italy, Spain and Greece employing more than 1,800 employees.

Through major investments, FAMAR has managed to and is constantly strengthening its position in the international market. Its financial results confirm that the Group continues its upward trend and is steadily strengthening its position. For the period 2020-2023, FAMAR’s profitability is expected to increase by more than 60%. FAMAR has consistently exceeded its targets every year and is steadily reinvesting all its profits back into the Group.

With an eye on innovation, FAMAR has invested in a new pilot production plant at its Madrid facility, which enhances the Group’s research and development capabilities, enabling its customers to supply new innovative products in smaller quantities.

FAMAR’s facility in Madrid is about to receive FDA approval in the coming months so that the plant’s products can be exported to the USA.

FAMAR also recently announced a strategic investment of €20 million in a new sterile forms plant in Greece to acquire state-of-the-art capabilities in the production of liquid injectable drugs and lyophilized products, the production of which is expected to start in mid-2024.

Sustainability and value creation have always been in FAMAR’s long-term plans. FAMAR has been awarded by EcoVadis, one of the most prestigious platforms worldwide that evaluates the progress of companies in terms of sustainability. In 2022, FAMAR was again awarded with the Silver Medal for all its Business Units in the latest EcoVadis sustainability rating.

At the forefront of its priorities is that of improving the quality of life of the people who belong to its wider ecosystem. These are areas where FAMAR has made remarkable progress, with significant investments in modernizing its facilities, introducing new technologies and strengthening its corporate culture.

In terms of human resources, FAMAR has also made significant investments in the way it operates and in the continuous improvement of working conditions. The Group has created the “FAMAR SCHOOL” aiming to develop its people on a daily basis, an initiative implemented in collaboration with Harvard Business School that offers the opportunity for the Group’s staff to attend online programs that will contribute to the further development of their professional skills.

FAMAR is in the process of installing photovoltaic panels at its facilities in Italy.

FAMAR has successfully completed 3 years of business activity and organic growth by steadily investing in its people and setting demanding goals, transforming the FAMAR Group. With significant international distinctions in its quiver and recognitions in the international arena, FAMAR remains faithful to its commitment to continue to develop and evolve in the ever-changing and demanding environment in which it operates, and to consistently be a reliable and dynamic partner that, through the services it offers to its customers, contributes to improving the lives of patients and consumers.

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