Demand for transportation and logistics services has been instrumental in meeting global trends of market growth as they continue to provide convenient freight management process. Transportation brokers with their knowledge and expertise, formulate, manage and track-and-trace loads before moving. freight from the origin to destination.

Executive Global Transportation Services is a transportation brokerage firm providing convenient shipment services to industries and individuals nationwide. For more than fifteen years, it has managed to cater to the industry needs with specialized shipment solutions, delivering freight services with consistency and efficiency. Dr. Wiley K. Graydon, President and CEO of Executive Global Transportation Services, was with the CEOViews team to share how they achieved new heights with knowledge and dedication.

Story of inception

Whether be it in the field of music, education, or transportation, Dr. Graydon’s vision and approach towards every endeavour has always been to exceed expectations of what is expected and to deliver those results with great enthusiasm, impeccable presentation, and unbridled customer service. Dr. Graydon started his Conservatory of Music School at the age of twelve and surpassed expectations by his innate connection with students of all ages. In 2008, he started Executive Global Transportation Services, headquartered in Casselberry, Florida with an approach to provide exceptional customer service in the Freight Brokerage Industry.

With an instinct to understand every aspect of the industry from top to bottom, Dr. Graydon initially started driving for trucking companies as a company driver, visited various manufacturing companies so he could understand their challenges, day to day operations, and even learned to operate a forklift. Later, Dr. Graydon started operating his transportation brokerage firm, Executive Global Transportation Services. His first-hand experience with the truckers and shippers gave him valuable insight in understanding the business pattern and with that knowledge he proceeded to surpass customer expectations with authentic level service.

Delivering service with consistency and efficiency

While it is easy for an organization to build trust, keeping a long-term approach is tough. Executive Global Transportation Services continues to validate their innovative approach of servicing fast and great customer experience, the team readily assist and provide quick responses through phone or email to urgent customer requests.

Executive Global Transportation Services is a transportation brokerage firm providing convenient shipment services to industries & individuals nationwide.

Idea of innovation

At Executive Global, the team is not only open to new ideas, but is an incubator that continuously encourages new perspectives. They constantly strive for ways to improve their success, efficiency, and the synergy of the group, which is a win for innovation and customers alike. Speaking about how they progress with new ideas, Dr. Graydon said, “All new ideas are brought to the office community square for examination, discussion, and test implementation! The one who developed the idea can then benefit from the feedback on the most important metrics like how it improves our customer service, and if it streamlines our process in providing the said service.”

Most innovative project- Over more than a decade in the industry, Executive Global has successfully generated and implemented ideas with progressive potentials. But to talk about the most innovative thought, Dr. Graydon said, “It has to be the transportation of cargo designed for utilization in Space. The thought that the cargo we transport will literally be used in vehicles that are trailblazing our civilization into the next frontier, Space Exploration, we think is the quintessential embodiment of innovation.”

Driving success from first-hand experience

Dr. Graydon has over 30 years of experience in entrepreneurship, not only in the transportation sector but also in the music and education industry. He started out in the music industry as a concert pianist and jazz band leader. But along the way, he started providing services for professional musicians. From finding venues, artist management, tour consulting, providing consistent work, and understanding and negotiating contracts, Dr. Graydon’s experiences and managing style heralds from his first-hand accomplishments and experience in the music industry.

Dr. Graydon does not limit himself here, but has gone on to accomplish more. He started the Master Mentor Program to educate business owners and entrepreneurs toward the upper echelons of success. The program is Ultra-Exclusive, and is focused on training Mentees to think offensively financially and become members of the Deca-Millionaire Community.


The Transportation industry is very dynamic and changes rapidly. Instead of only forecasting the market, which can be a frustrating and disparaging task, the team in Executive Global mainly collect, brainstorm, and prepare solutions for various market challenges. Talking about how they deal with the challenges, Graydon said, “if the available freight transporters are scarce in an area where our customer needs to move freight, we use our robust carrier network to pre-emptively send available carriers to the vicinity, by pre-arranging a dedicated or one-time backhaul of our customer’s ready freight.”

Future Vision

With his continued vison of exceeding expectations with great enthusiasm, impeccable presentation, and unbridled customer service, Dr. Graydon not only plans to expand the FTL and LTL division of Executive Global, but to also continue the company’s expansion into other vital transportation sectors such as Organ and Space Transport. Executive Global aims to be an innovator in of all of the world’s transportation needs.

Executive Global Transportation Services, with a nationwide network of quality carriers, offers convenient and reliable shipping options to industries and individuals. They specialize in unique shipment solutions for customized need and with a dedicated team of logistics professionals, are compiling innovative business strategies to provide the best possible service to clients.



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