Points to Remember for Enterprise Mobility

The BYOD movement has raised significant concerns about the use of personal devices in an organizational environment that was always on. Security, performance limitations, poor longevity, and deterioration of batteries are just a few of the drawbacks of using consumer devices in the workplace.Points to Remember for Enterprise Mobility.

As a result, several businesses are moving to full mobile alternatives that include durable, enterprise-ready devices to handle communications that are always in place in retail, healthcare, and other business environments. According to Research and Markets, end-user convenience, and the need to improve profitability are driving development in the global enterprise mobility market, which is expected to reach $1.225 trillion by 2026.

Companies need solutions outside the apps that connect with existing systems and create a seamless experience.

In determining mobility solutions for the business environment, there are 5 Points to Remember for Enterprise Mobility


A consumer loses around 80-85 minutes of productivity when an enterprise mobility device stops operating. An essential aspect of determining the same is matching the correct functionality to an appropriate form factor. For example, a longest-lasting device is not the best choice if it’s too clunky or fragile for end users. The ideal solution should be easy to carry for 10-12 hours, have a battery that can last for at least 8 hours, be hot-swappable to prolong the service life, and consistently make crystal-clear voice calls easier. For example, with an innovative mobility system designed to improve on-the-go efficiency, nurses are no longer confined to the nurses’ station, which ends up enhancing the patient experience and saving miles of steps every day.


Although mobile devices that initially appeared as a more appealing choice for mobility due to the lower price point, they are not designed to operate 24/7 and will need to be replaced more frequently — around every 24 months. In addition, statistics show that the use of enterprise-grade versus consumer mobility tools in healthcare settings can improve face-to-face patient care by as much as 100-150 percent during the change of an average nurse. However, to help accomplish this, it is necessary to ensure the correct hot-swappable system options are available.


Enterprise environments require rugged tools. For high-volume and ever-on sectors such as healthcare and retail, phones and tablets are expected to drop several times a day. Rugged tools are designed to withstand this heavy use. Consumer devices, on the other hand, usually can’t support heavy use for more than six months.


Many businesses focusing on enterprise mobility pursue ways better to manage the increasing variety of technology tools and endpoints. Robust Mobile Device Management (MDM) or Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) systems provide these devices with unified mobile access to track, control, and secure sensitive business data at all touchpoints. For example, this enables retailers to encourage store associates to work with resources and data to serve their customers better. It is, therefore, necessary for organizations to look for proven and tested devices that function within the framework of EMM/MDM. This helps associates gather and exchange insights into the retail field.


It is essential to have resources in place to keep track of the device for enterprise mobility and success in solutions. A smart solution that provides enhanced visibility and analytics will help detect issues like higher than expected battery drain, suggesting the use of poorly built applications. These insights can be used to ensure mobility solutions convey the highest productivity possible. Such experiences can be used to ensure that mobility solutions provide the highest possible efficiency.

Choosing the right option for enterprise mobility is not a choice to be taken lightly. Companies who achieve the most notable outcomes in the game of enterprise mobility evaluate and ensure that they have the best tools that suit the needs of their business environment.


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