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In recent times, the advent of technology has made access to credit an easy affair. Also, the measures that the federal government took to induce liquidity and lower interest rates during the pandemic gave a great chance for the people to think of making big investments in the form of buying houses. While buying a house might sound great, the nuances of maintaining the property and the expenses involved in it drain a lot of energy.

This is the exact problem that Elite Home Warranty is trying to solve for its customers. Elite Home Warranty’s innovative idea is to provide the latest technology to homeowners that offer instant access to file claims when issues arise and connect homeowners to reliable technicians and service providers network instantaneously to ensure first-class repair service. They welcome changes in the industry and always put homeowners first.

Where it all started

The founders saw a need for more affordable and customizable home warranty options across the United States. Many home warranty providers offered coverage for full home systems or for items a person might not necessarily have, which wastes precious dollars and agreement costs over time. So they began by offering a more modern approach: helping homeowners prevent and resolve

breakdowns in ways that work for them, starting with coverage for as little as one item. They are now licensed in 42 states and are currently expanding their coverage network nationwide.

The journey

They found a way to fill in the gap between customer needs and home warranty provisions. They work closely with homeowners who need help covering repairs and replacements of the items that are the most important in their homes. They faced several situations where their customers found themselves in an emergency: a breakdown of one of their crucial home items, like a heater, electrical system, or water heater. When such an item breaks, it can be challenging and sometimes dangerous, especially if there are seniors or young children in the home who aren’t as resilient to harsh conditions.

Their goal is to provide the best home warranty coverage, but they go way beyond that. Elite Home Warranty can help customers to care for their homes and prevent small issues from becoming expensive headaches. Their customers have been the top priority in business and they do everything to get their homes running safely again after unexpected situations occur.

Innovation and Trends

Major trends in the industry include smart home appliances, energy-efficient home systems, and 24/7 online customer support during emergencies. Elite Home Warranty offers technologies with unique plans and policies to accommodate any homeowner’s lifestyle, from someone with old and outdated appliances to the most high-tech items available today. And their only requirement is that an item is not already covered by an existing warranty. Elite Home Warranty allows optional coverage additions to customers, fully transferable warranty plans, and a unique network of service providers for every state they are currently licensed in.

Elite Home Warrantys’ innovative idea is to provide customers with their service provider network and those under agreement receive access to expert technicians, repairmen. They welcome changes in the industry and remain people-focused.

Elite Home Warrantys’ innovative idea is to simplify homeownership by eliminating the cost of repairing or replacing home appliances and systems due to inevitable breakdown from normal wear and tear, using streamlined technology that makes it easier for today’s homeowners.

Work Culture

They have a fast response rate and even offer lodging services for extreme damages. They train their employees to know the service agreements inside and out so that everyone at Elite Home Warranty upholds the highest standards of honesty and sincerity. Unlike other warranty companies, they don’t include hidden terms in the agreements that end up costing homeowners more fees if something goes wrong.

They strive to do things the right way— from customer support to custom maintenance coverage to quality service. Integrity is always their standard for everything, which results in minimal customer disappointment.

Getting closer to the customer

The challenges they faced during the COVID-19 pandemic gave them an opportunity to get into customers in a better way. Customers felt difficulty locating service providers that would come to their homes to repair malfunctioning items. Supply shortages continue to put a dent in the home service market, which makes efficient repairs both challenging and time-consuming. Because they have such a supportive provider network in place, Elite Home Warranty was able to maintain consistent care for their customers’ needs. During winter, a handful of customers contacted them with broken water heaters or faulty heating systems, which is not a small issue in areas where the temperature drops below freezing. They expressed stress not only over the condition of their homes but also the health of their families if they were to welcome technicians in to fix the problem. They were able to source and deliver quick, health-compliant repair technicians to these homeowners despite setbacks.


At the moment, they are licensed in 42 states and within the next 6-12 months, they will be expanding their network to provide coverage and services in Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, and Wisconsin. They aspire to continue serving their clients in these locations and build a name for themselves as they have already done.

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