Earth View, LLC

Earth View, LLC (EV) is a women-led,  family-owned business established  in 2004. From humble beginnings  locating utilities, EV has evolved  into a true trenchless technology industry  leader. Construction crews are continuous ly challenged by the uncertainty of subsur face utility plans, existing infrastructure, and environmental conditions. However,  by leveraging its experienced team and  advanced technology, EV provides  cost-efficient and non-invasive solutions to  utility and various other underground  problems. EV offers a wide range of capa bilities, including Ground Penetrating  Radar (GPR), Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), Wire Lining, and CCTV pipe inspec tions in both the private and public sectors  alike.  

EV understands the importance of  properly locating utilities prior to the start  of a construction project. After moving to Naples, FL,EV’s owner, Howard Murrell, Jr., repeatedly found the need to locate not only public, but also private utilities, ahead of his own construction work. In 2004, only a handful of companies were offering private utility locating services in the area. Knowing the benefits and efficiency of self-performance, EV saw this as a business opportunity and began offering the service. While growing and perfecting its subsurface utility locating business, EV realized the absence of quality options in several other areas and began expanding its services.

EV identified the specific need for an  environmentally friendly, and less invasive pipe  installation method, and started offering Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) to area  contractors. Clients may choose to utilize  trenchless technology for various reasons, including adverse ground conditions, an  environmentally sensitive project location,or restricted space for open cut excavation to name a few. HDD is a more efficient pipe installation method versus traditional open-cut methods and  produces the desired results with minimal  environmental impact. EV is one of only four  companies in Florida to own and operate the  American Auger DD-440T maxi-rig directional drill,  and added a second 440 maxi-rig in 2020 to their ever  growing fleet.  

EV has experienced exponential growth since its  founding and was recently ranked #42 on the Inc.  5000 Series list of the fastest-growing privates  companies in Florida for 2021, #161 on the list for 2020,  as well as #1,216 on the Inc. 5000 list of the  fastest-growing private companies in America for  2020. EV is dedicated to providing high-quality service  with accurate and dependable results. While growth will always present unique challenges, EV credits its  team of skilled and motivated individuals with the  increases in company size, scope of services, customer  base, and implementation of new technology. 

Speaking on the company’s continued growth and  success, EV President, Allison Murrell stated,  “locating utilities and trenchless construction is what  EV is known for, but it’s our mission and values that set  us apart from the competition. EV takes pride in our results and never turns down a challenging project. EV is always willing to get dirty in order to find solutions  for its clients. Our job isn’t just to solve problems, but to  build relationships and strengthen communities. EV’s  technology-based approach is one of our greatest  assets and has undoubtedly helped the company  become what it is today.” 

“EV o ers a wide range of  capabilities, including Ground  Penetrating Radar (GPR), Horizontal Directional Drilling  (HDD), Wire Lining, and CCTV  pipe inspections in both the private and public sectors alike”

EV’s use of technology has, and will continue to be,  one of the hallmarks of its journey to become an  industry leader. EV stays ahead of the curve and is  always looking for new ways to lead the competition.  EV arrived where they are today by staying curious  and not being afraid to take risks, trying new things,  and searching for ways to advance. With its team in  mind, EV successfully maintains a real-time safety  program as it continues to learn, grow, and adopt new  methods. 

Internally, EV continues to focus on sustained growth  that will allow for maximum profitability. With more jobs comes the need for more equipment; and with  more equipment comes the need for more skilled  operators. These are significant problems to have, and EV continues to broaden its scope of services, hire  more people, and complete more jobs.Client  satisfaction continues to be one of the company’s  highest priorities. 

When it comes to EV’s Subsurface Utility  Engineering side, the company utilizes a complete  HD-CCTV inspection system, one of the most  efficient ways to assess pipe conditions. These  remote-control cameras allow EV’s experts to  pinpoint the exact locations of any pipe damage,  and the HD camera provides high quality inspection  data. The CCTV systems travel in pipes ranging from  6 inches to 60 inches, making it ideal for any sized  job.  Advancement in this industry includes using top of  the line equipment, trenchless construction  methods, and cloud-based operating systems. EV  utilizes Vista by Viewpoint to manage all areas of  the business and this multifaceted, cloud-based  construction accounting suite is used throughout all  phases of a project. Managing a growing fleet of  equipment is another top priority. With crews  working throughout the Southeast region, it’s  essential to know where equipment is at all times.With HCSS GPS, EV can track and monitor the  location, usage hours, preventative maintenance,  and performance data on all equipment. 

Over the next year on the trenchless construction  side, EV is looking to purchase additional drill rigs, more HDD equipment, and will continue to invest in  skilled operators. On the subsurface utility side, EV  is expanding into chemical grout repairs, pipelining, and point repairs in 2021. The Company is also looking to double production and will prioritize  implementing the latest and most innovative  techniques to do this.  

There is no geographical limit for EV’s expansion.  The company has already completed work in  several states and will continue to travel to  complete projects. EV hopes it can soon work east coast to west coast, and eventually move  internationally.The entire team believes that the sky is truly the limit!


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