With the prominence of shows like Shark Tank and online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, entrepreneurs can think up almost anything, get it created quite quickly, and start selling it to the masses. While the process may come with various names, it is recognized by many as contract manufacturing. “With over 17 years of vast work experience in contract manufacturing and working with companies dealing with personal care/skincare industry and after gaining knowledge and building connections, we decided to finally branch out and set up Dynamic Blending in 2015 to disrupt the contract manufacturing market and remove the common misconceptions related to the industry,” said Jordan Erskine, President & Co-Founder of Dynamic Blending.

Dynamic Blending is a global manufacturer of cosmetics that focuses on people, relationships, and consistency.

Dynamic Blending is a full-service turnkey contract manufacturer of cosmetics, personal care, skin care, dietary supplements, nutraceutical, and much more. The team is comprised of industry experts with extensive experience in cosmetic chemistry (R&D), formulations, manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and quality. Each team member has one aim, and that is to concentrate 100 percent on customer needs. The company started as a consulting group on R&D formulation. The small team was able to create unique formulations that were brokered to other manufacturers from the previous knowledge and expertise of the founders.

Dynamic Blending is a global manufacturer of cosmetics that focuses on people, relationships, and consistency. Dedicated to the ultimate satisfaction of the consumer, the company partners with cosmetic companies in creating the most innovative product solutions possible. Dynamic Blending is determined to deliver new and innovative products to the beauty industry, keeping quality at the forefront and exceeding all expectations with the products.

Dynamic Blending focuses on working with companies of all sizes to give them the tools and information they need to launch a product successfully. Most contract manufacturers ask for higher minimum order quantities requiring more capital, whereas the services offered by Dynamic Blending are cheaper and cost-effective; they provide samples before committing to huge capital. “We have grown at a triple-digit rate and have achieved 566x times revenue as compared to last year’s revenue. We have grown fast, and we are in the market for only a few years, it kind of speaks about our vision and how we respond to the market,” states Erskine.

Dynamic Blending works with the principle of making clients feel that they are a part of the team so that the clients can trust and rely on the company. The company has started a program called Project Ignite, which helps in providing companies of all sizes more tools and options to keep their needs under one roof like Graphic Design, Web Design, and Brand Consulting. Project Ignite is a comprehensive tool to help clients achieve success. Under this program, the company offers an in-house graphic design department to help close the gap and speed up time to market. An efficient graphic designer will get rid of costly delays. Dynamic Blending understands that having a good web presence is everything these days, especially for the client’s brand. The in-house web design team of the company works with the graphic design team to put the client’s dreams in front of the masses. Dynamic Blending has partnered with 4 essential industry brand consulting firms. Each one of these firms brings unmatched experience in all areas of brand building. As these firms have worked for the most notable names in the beauty industry, they know a thing or two about branding!

Starting a contract manufacturing company is difficult due to the high overhead cost; the company has been able to manage the costs more than the other manufacturer, which is a critical factor for the growth of the company. Dynamic Blending has experienced staff available to help and give wings to the client’s project. The team provides clients with the perfect custom formula to wow their customers. With over thirty years of experience in the R&D lab alone, Dynamic Blending has know-how and expertise at the client’s disposal. They have some of the best cosmetic chemists in the industry. The key to the success of a brand lies in graphic design, and the company has assembled a team of experts who will make sure the clients stand out in a saturated market. Dynamic Blending is ready to help clients in developing the right look for showcasing their products.

One of the services that Dynamic Blending offers is the Joint Venture Program, which provides the tools and resources needed for brands to succeed. It is designed to help bring indirect financial benefits to clients who qualify. By joint venturing with the company, clients will get many benefits, which include massive savings in R&D, unit costs, priority manufacturing, and more! This program allows clients to have more working capital to invest in other parts of their businesses.

Dynamic Blending has doubled the manufacturing and warehouse space and has moved to a larger facility with 2 separate R&D labs. The services provided by the company are disrupting the market and putting pressure on the current contract manufacturing market by delivering low-key solutions for the clients. The flexibility to work with clients of all sizes is what truly sets Dynamic Blending apart from the industry.


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