With 17 years of contract manufacturing experience in skincare, personal care and oral care industry, Jordan Erskine, President & Co-Founder of Dynamic Bending was not ready to put a dead end to his career working for other contract manufacturers. His idea was to leverage the best of technologies with his innovation to disrupt the contract manufacturing industry in terms of how business should be done in this technologically advanced world. “The contract manufacturing industry is stale and old with companies that have been around 20 to 30 years, and they don’t innovate.” says Jordan.

Some organizations have developed the misconception that contract manufacturers are only for large scale industry, but Dynamic Bending developed its solutions to help industries of all sizes. The company works towards conceptualizing and understanding the goals of the cosmetic industry to offer highest cGMP quality standard products that are market ready. Dynamic Blending has come up with creative ideas so that companies of all sizes can have extra capital and not end up overpaying for services or are bound by minimum order qualities. Most contract manufacturers address orders with a budget of at least 20 to 30 thousand, while Dynamic Bending’s minimum order quantity stands at one thousand. This enables organizations that are new to the industry with the ability to test the market at a much lower capital cost to enter.

Dynamic Bending is reinventing the way manufacturers view their client relationships and does not focus on profit-making service, rather makes its clients feel more like partners. The company is working on interesting programs such as Project Ignite which helps cater to companies of all sizes with more options and more tools to keep the needs under one roof in terms of branding, web designing and marketing. Project ignite is a joint venture program where Dynamic Bending offers free services in terms of partnership deals, where Dynamic Blending will take ownership and develop a mutually beneficial partnership.

This also helps maintain long-standing customers as most contract manufacturers do not have in house marketing and branding teams, thus making Dynamic Bending a one-stop contract manufacturing solution provider. As the company does not indulge in R&D fees or high manufacturing profits, the company can help its clients with low-cost models where the partners get priority service. This has offered economic leverage to a lot of companies along with advanced services and solutions. While most of the contract manufacturers look ahead to next purchase order, Dynamic Bending focuses on helping its partners succeed as it has in-depth knowledge of the industry.

“We have grown in triple-digit rate this year with approximately five to six times more profit than last year,” adds Jordan. In the last three weeks, Dynamic Bending has doubled its manufacturing and warehouse space and in the coming weeks, the will move to offer a larger facility which will disrupt the market, putting pressure on the other contract manufacturers. Moreover, the company is also working on other relative areas apart from focusing only on the contract manufacturing side, putting it in a unique position as compared to the rest of the solution providers in the market.


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