Disruptive Companies of the year 2024

The rapid advancement of technologies and changing customer demands continue to reshape the business landscape. To keep pace with the paradigm shift, organizations are constantly reinventing themselves through research and development and redefining their business models. Companies that demonstrate a significant business impact by adapting to the evolving business landscape are recognized and celebrated as the most disruptive companies in the industry.


The current edition of The CEO Views brings to you “Top 5 Disruptive Companies of the Year 2024”. The list recognizes the leading and powerful companies who have been disrupting the world of business through innovative approaches, strategic thinking, and proactive resilience. These companies provide an opportunity for others to explore the realms of undiscovered competencies.

David Chernitzky,

Armour Cybersecurity provides end-to-end cybersecurity services to protect organizations and their data from multifaceted and ever-changing cyber threats.

Jeff Roberts, CEO

Innovation Vista is an IT consultancy providing C-level IT strategy and leadership services to small and midsize organizations.

Pablo Borquez

ProducePay is a US Based startup transforming the global produce industry into a more connected and sustainable movement.

Sebastian Seiguer,

Scene Health is solving the decades-old problem of medication nonadherence by leveraging the power of people, science, and technology.

Ian B. McAvoy, Co-
Founder & CEO

Volterra Technologies Inc aims to deliver innovative digital solutions and data platforms to electric vehicle fleet managers that optimize, maintain and extend valuable assets

Top 5 HR Tech Solution Providers 2024

HR Tech is constantly playing a pivotal role in revolutionizing the way of managing workforce. In the ever-evolving business landscape, organizations are investing in HR Tech to understand the changing workplace dynamics. This in turn is helping them in devising robust HR strategies, accelerating operations and maximizing business growth.


The current edition of The CEO Views brings to you “Top 5 HR Tech Solution Providers 2024”. The list recognizes the leading and powerful HR Tech Solution Providers who have been delivering true break-through solutions through disruptive technologies, strategic thinking, and innovative excellence to drive organizational success.

Nora Jenkins
Townson, Founder

Bright + Early is a People Ops consultancy known for building unique, data-driven and inclusive programs, that help in scaling startups and creative teams.

Tom Nickalls,
Founder & CEO

Castle HR is a modern HR Consulting firm providing outsourced HR to startups and small businesses.

Elijah Moore, CEO

Collage is a leader in providing industry-leading HR and benefits services to over 2 million Canadians.

Malcolm Paice, MD

Keystone Talent Bank provides an organization with a complete suite of online tools for hiring and managing casual workers.

Wouter Durville,

estGorilla helps recruiters and HR managers hire top talent faster, easier and bias-free with scientifically validated tests.