Davidson Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1996, proudly headquartered in beautiful Huntsville, Alabama with a mission to provide elite engineering and technical services to defense and aerospace customers. We support critical Department of Defense programs such as our Nation’s Missile Defense System (Ground-based Midcourse Defense or GMD), Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IBCS), Sentinel (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) Modernization Program), and many others through expertise in modeling and simulation, cybersecurity, and systems engineering. For more than 26 years, Davidson has been focused on the mission of protecting and defending our Nation and Warfighters. Davidson built its legacy of performance excellence by designing and delivering advanced, intelligent technology solutions in defense of our Nation. In 2021, we established the QuantumAI division, building a new class of cyber-secure networks driven by AI (Artificial Intelligence) to address commercial and federal markets. As we build on our history, we step into our destiny – radically redefining the nature of high-stakes data and developing products architected by Davidson experts and infused with advanced algorithms and patented/patent-pending quantum computing techniques.

Team Davidson is dedicated to community investment across education, encouraging our youth to take advantage of STEM curriculum, and supporting agencies promulgating tenants of health and wellness.

Our focus remains on creating a unique culture emphasizing performance excellence and integrity, which, when combined with leading-edge technology and highly-talented professionals, forms the foundation for Davidson’s future growth strategy. Our paramount investment lies in our people – our biggest assets. Davidson’s strategic imperatives are topped with a focus on our workforce; attracting and retaining premier talent from diverse backgrounds and experience levels and fostering an environment where all team members feel welcomed and valued. We don’t just hire anyone; only the best in their field and those motivated to make a positive impact on our National Defense.

Our hiring process leverages employee and leadership team networks to find the best talent in the industry. Once individuals are identified, our HR team leverages agile processes to capture talent quickly. Our benefits suite is widely unmatched by peers and competitors, reiterating our employees as priority. We are currently working with data scientists on our QuantumAI team to develop advanced recruitment optimization tools.

Dale Moore rejoined the team as the Chief Operating Officer with business development and execution experience from MTSI and other organizations within industry.

At Davidson, we believe investment in our people and the communities in which we operate is not only a privilege, but a necessity. Team Davidson is dedicated to community investment across education, encouraging our youth to take advantage of STEM curriculum, and supporting agencies promulgating tenants of health and wellness. We consistently engage our employee base to poll them about which agencies they feel are best stewards of our corporate philanthropy. Employees take ownership of their charitable gifts through the Davidson Giving Grant, an enterprise-wide coffer dispersed to benefiting non-profits or service agencies through employee poll consensus.

Our President & CEO, retired US Army Major General John Holly, excelled at leading teams through major challenges throughout his career in the US Army, Missile Defense Agency, and Lockheed Martin. At Davidson, he is leading change by adapting the business model to embrace the internal development of intellectual property in critical technologies while continuing to build upon our core competencies. He recognizes a ubiquitous business obstacle is acquiring and retaining talent in a competitive climate. Holly believes it is critical for Davidson leaders to develop relationships while creating a positive and enriching work environment.

We recently secured two strategic executive hires, both of whom have returned to Davidson after storied careers within industry. Dr. Patti Dare serves as our Chief Growth Officer with a program execution and business development background from multiple major defense contractors. Dr. Dare has more than 20 years’ senior level experience, empowering her to craft and execute a comprehensive 5-year plan to usher Davidson into its next era of excellence.

Dale Moore rejoined the team as the Chief Operating Officer with business development and execution experience from MTSI and other organizations within industry. His more than 20 year background also provides an optimal balance between business development and program execution to ensure Davidson continues to meet our commitments to the customer and warfighter as we grow. A risk on which Moore works most fervently is Davidson’s ability to execute on budget and on schedule. With inflation impacting the cost of work and supply chain availability affecting deliveries, Dale’s team is monitoring and adapting to meet our contractual commitments. Responsiveness is a key Davidson differentiator.

Former Global VP of AI & Data at VISA, Lisa Hammitt, joined Davidson in 2020 after more than 25 years in the commercial sector. As Chief Technology Officer and head of QuantumAI, she brings Davidson a new paradigm of innovative tools and technologies to help us reach goals both internally and externally.

“With the emergence of irregular warfare and shadow adversaries, we’ve shifted policy to a Hunt Forward framework, assuming ongoing attacks and encrypting data at rest and in motion,” says Hammitt. Our expertise in cybersecurity and space augments traditional security by certifying data encryption and usage across terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks. Adhering to National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) regulations, we have a patent-pending security platform which leverages advanced cryptography and key encryption built from the ground up for digital sovereignty across ever-expanding cyber boundaries. Not only do we use our proprietary platform to measure, respond to and adjust internal KPIs, we benchmark our algorithms’ performance on multiple air, ground and space-based networks, against both High Performance Clusters and Quantum Computing. We report against NIST post-quantum cryptography for the internet and elsewhere while measuring smart device traffic across multiple protocols to optimize messaging traffic.

While Davidson’s enterprise philosophy remains strategically focused on performance excellence, unprecedented growth and employee enrichment, we believe building a disruptive culture requires evolution and evolution requires courage. As we continue to adapt to change, embrace reasonable risk, assume new challenges and grow, we are leveraging emerging technologies, enhancing our core capabilities and infusing sophisticated AI and quantum-based solutions into our company’s DNA. As we look to the future, we are hyper-focused on our most foundational, strategic, and consequential duty – designing and delivering advance, intelligent technology solutions to address the emerging threats in defense of our Nation and our Warfighters.


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