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With digital transformation taking over, the need for a fool-proof cybersecurity system is of the essence. Enterprises are witnessing an escalation in the number of threats and security breaches ranging from opportunistic malware to advanced targeted attacks. Hackers are honing their skills, reinforcing the imperative need for a robust cybersecurity system and cyber threat intelligence. Coming to the fore is Israel-headquartered CyberInt with offices in New York, London, Singapore, and Manila, mitigating cyber security risks with its powerful and proprietary ArgosTM solution, a real-time digital risk protection platform and its global cyber expert analyst team.

Catering to a broad spectrum of industry verticals, the company provides holistic end-to-end protection to digital businesses in retail, ecommerce, gaming, and financial industries, delivering Argos as well as managed SOC, threat hunting, deep-dive investigations, real-time incident response, and risk and business impact assessment services.

The Argos feature-rich platform is embedded with multiple detection modules encompassing Targeted Threat Intelligence, Social Media Monitoring, VIP Protection, Brand Protection, Vendor Risk Management, and Email Threat Management, driving real-time threat detection to prevent cyber and fraud activities and significantly reduce revenue loss.

“Clients benefit from a machine learning-based platform with an 80/20 combination of automation and human input provided by a global analyst team comprising cyber experts, ex-CISOs, and ex-Israel Defence Force Unit 8200 intelligence professionals,” says Amir Ofek, CEO at CyberInt.

Standing apart from other solutions available in the market, the Argos system offers three distinct competitive advantages: visibility, speed, and action. Adopting a hacker approach, the team mirrors a hacker’s objective by identifying which vulnerabilities exist and mitigating them.
Explaining CyberInt’s speed advantage, Amir says, “The accelerated threat resolution is based on a platform with modular solutions. The holistic value enables quick correlation among the different modules such as threat intelligence with social media monitoring, OLP, ETM, and VRM to enable the most effective detection and accurate response. The single system reduces complexity for the CISO.”

CyberInt’s engagement model delivers actionable managed services. The company conducts a bird’s-eye view of the assets and possible threats and the required measures to counter them. CyberInt secures businesses with round-the-clock protection and real-time response with targeted threat intelligence based on advanced machine learning and AI algorithms that drive contextualized and relevant detection. Essentially, Argos analyzes input from an influx of data sources from the open web and dark web, which is combined with supervised human feedback to rate and contextualize the indicators and provide targeted threat intelligence-led services.

Founded in 2010 and maintaining one of the leading positions in this domain, CyberInt has been recognized as the provider of advanced Digital Risk Protection (DRP) solutions by Forrester, was named by Gartner as an innovator in securing digital businesses, and was selected by Deloitte as a Fast 50 company.

Enthralled with its progress in this domain, the team at CyberInt is now in the process of developing and enriching its digital risk protection platform with an additional orchestration layer and a smart layer consisting of complex event processing to better integrate between the outside events and alerts and the inside events and alerts. While the system is already in use, CyberInt is aiming to expand it with more partners in the EDR space and orchestration domain.

“The vision is to continually improve our services with the sole focus of keeping customers first,” Amir says, “This will enable us to help customers improve with more effective, accurate, and valuable managed detection and response services.”
Digitalization is fast overtaking retail businesses with most companies choosing an online platform to reach their targeted customers and improve sales. For online and mobile retail companies with aggressive year-over-year growth targets, cybersecurity often becomes an afterthought. This step may prove to be a costly bargain in the long run. Moreover, as retailers’ reliance on digital channels grows, so does their potential attack surface.

Traditional retailers transitioning to online commerce as well as native digital retailers such as ASOS, a massive online shopping platform that raked in more than $3 billion in revenues and millions of customers, are subject to multiple security breach attempts. Facing fraud, brand and IP infringement, breaches, DDoS, and other attacks, retailers need to adopt a preemptive stance in the security arena while enabling business growth. Basically, they need cyber defences that serve as a business enabler – not a stand-alone component in overall business strategy.

That is where CyberInt comes into play as their cybersecurity partner. The CyberInt team can start with conducting a complete study of what threats the company faces and deploy its solutions to enable the company’s growth based on their business priorities. The organizations benefit from such partnership in the following ways:
Managed SOC – Fully integrated with the Argos Threat Intelligence system. This enables ASOS to get real-time alerts on cyber-related issues such as DDoS, SQL injection, brute force, and other threats; these alerts were augmented with contextual data from Argos to make them actionable.
Augmented Internal Cybersecurity Team – CyberInt set up an onsite team at ASOS to facilitate incident response capabilities to the alerts generated by the Managed SOC and by Argos. CyberInt experts help the internal team take care of threat management, incident response, and defining proper security protocols.
Digital Risk Protection based on targeted threat intelligence – CyberInt frequently reports on customer accounts being broken into and sold on the dark web, fraudulent activities, and cyber activity targeting the brand as well as recommendations and immediate actions to mitigate the threats.

Working with CyberInt, retailers and online commerce players like ASOS can constantly monitor threat actors’ activities and identify the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) they use; carry out deep dive investigations; take down malicious and IP-infringing sites; detect and remove malicious content on social media channels; and continuously monitor the cybercriminals’ perspective so it can better assess its own cyber defences.


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