The global pharmaceutical industry has been rapidly growing. Today, innovative drug products are being developed around the world, are marketed and sold to a much larger proportion of the global population.

Most often, the nature of a pharmaceutical product doesn’t allow it to be transferred in normal conditions. Thanks to logistic technology advances, now cold storage transfer is possible. Companies like CRYOPDP are revolutionizing the supply chain industry. CRYOPDP is the European and APAC leader in cold chain logistics, with its operations spread over 150 countries With the aim of improving the health of people around the world by providing global and innovative temperature-controlled logistics and supply chain solutions.

Cedric Picaud, CRYOPDP’s CEO, was with us to share the organization’s success story.

How did it all begin?

Since we were all so curious about the reason behind CRYOPDP, we asked Cedric what inspired the founders to venture into the cold chain logistics market and set up CRYOPDP. CRYOPDP’s genesis was always linked to the science and healthcare industries, with a strong focus on saving the lives of our patients.

When we think about this industry, we know and understand that the focus on improving and saving patient’s lives with innovative and effective drug therapies, that are completely adapted to patients’ needs are the main reason for companies operate in this market and make the efforts to ensure that they can overcome challenges and give a step forward in scientific investigation and human well-being”.

Cedric added, “However, for this concept to come to life, we must consider the entire value chain. And here, we have different participants. Pharma and Biopharma are critical, research labs are also essential, but patients are at the core of the process. Relying on temperature-controlled supply chain & logistics companies is a must. Without logistics and supply chain services, we wouldn’t be able to complete the chain of value. This is CRYOPDP’s focus, ensuring that we provide temperature-controlled logistics and supply chain solutions to the clinical research and Cell and Gene communities, guaranteeing that, in the end, we are working to save lives”.

Services offered

CRYOPDP services are different since we offer tailor-made and added value solutions to our clients, always considering their needs. By working with these companies and their healthcare logistics specialist we are able to meet the most critical demands at a global level. At CRYOPDP, our team is dedicated and ensures that the entire supply chain is fully process-optimized and well supported by a worldwide network.

Following that, CRYOPDP has a robust and flexible digital solutions to provide a reliable, premium operation solution model which offers real peace of mind.

Our specialists understand the needed operational requirements to ensure that the client’s shipment is transported in line with their needs and quality obligations, enabling them to deliver in peak condition without delay.

Addressing challenges

The pharmaceutical industry has been evolving in many ways over the past 50 years, and one of the most notable is its globalisation.

Today, innovative drug products are being developed around the world and are marketed and sold to a much larger proportion of the global population. The clinical trial industry is globalising alongside its big sister pharma, and both sectors are in need of global logistics partners that can serve their growing and constantly evolving demands. CRYOPDP is well-positioned to meet these trends.

When it comes to challenges and dealing with patients’ lives, there’s no room for error. It’s all about quality service, making sure the life-saving samples are distributed not only on time, but within the right specifications, and at the right temperature. Providing the same quality service globally is critical for the pharma market, and CRYOPDP is up to the task. To serve the life science industry’s global needs, CRYOPDP has 27 facilities across 16 countries and a wider network that spans more than 150 countries.

Leading innovations

Innovation plays a major role in the success of any organization. Being recognized as one of the Best Innovative companies to watch in 2022 is a reflection of the work the company has been doing over the years to keep improving people’s health. Through innovative and tailor-made temperature-controlled logistics and supply chain solutions, CRYOPDP is able to provide their clients businesses with the right solutions for their most critical needs.

The company understands that every project is different and has its own precise and individual requirements. That’s why CRYOPDP, advises, trains and offers consulting services to help the clients identify and reach their goals in, clinical trials, central labs, APIs and drug development.

The company understands that every project is different and has its own precise and individual requirements.

CRYOPDP has already been at the forefront in bringing new innovations to the logistics market. With innovative and credible solutions primarily focused on improving people’s health, CRYOPDP excels in the healthcare industry with significant accolades, including:

  • “Best Clinical Trial Logistics Provider at the Korea Bioprocessing Excellence Awards 2022”
  • Most Promising and Valuable Pharma Logistic Company of the year 2021″ by India’s Biggest Healthcare Awards – the Pharma Leaders Power Brand Awards
  • “Best Clinical Trial Logistics Provider in APAC” by Bioprocessing Excellence Awards 2021
  • “The Company You Need to Watch Out in 2022” by Europe Bioprocessing Excellence Awards

What’s ahead for the company?

CRYOPDP is already on the path to success, and commenting on the plans they have for the future, Cedric said, “The demand for the creation and implementation of new solutions have been growing annually.

The past two years are an example of how the healthcare industry sometimes has to provide quick answers to unexpected challenges. During the pandemic, CRYOPDP, as an expert in temperature-controlled logistics, had to respond in record time and developed and implemented the DtP solution, a direct-to-patient approach with the goal of keeping clinical trials running during the pandemic. Nowadays, the decentralization of clinical trials is established in the market and the DtP solution is a must to have.

This has been our role as a company that supports the health industry and cares about its patients. We will always adjust, adapt and create solutions according to the needs of our customers, partners and patients.”


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