With the rise of digital marketing and the production project management. increasing importance of video content, the video production industry is experiencing significant growth. Businesses are recognizing the impact that engaging, high-quality video content can have on their marketing efforts, and as a result, demand for video production services continues to rise. In this landscape, CROOW has positioned itself as a leading provider of innovative software for video production project management.

CROOW was founded with the goal of streamlining the video production process and improving collaboration between team members. Through its flagship product, CROOW Studio, and its project management software, CROOWpm, the company is empowering businesses to deliver high-quality video content more efficiently and effectively than ever before. David Capece, CEO of CROOW, was with the CEOViews team to share details on how their journey has been.

Inception and mission

Prior to CROOW, David Capece had founded and built the INC 5000 company Sparxoo, which was a digital agency and video production company. During his growth journey at Sparxoo, David realized the need for increasing workflow efficiencies in the agency and video production industries. In 2019, David and a small team began working on collaboration and other workflow tools, and by early 2021, the foundation for CROOW was established. This provided the opportunity to disrupt the video production industry, leading to the creation of CROOW’s flagship product, CROOW  Studio.  In   February  2022, Sparxoo was sold to another agency, and David moved to focus on   CROOW full-time in April 2022. He raised a Seed Round of financing soon after to support the growth of CROOW.

The aim of CROOW  is to bring collaboration and efficiency to the creative and video production industries, where there are currently gaps between the different talents and roles that hinder the output quality. The CROOW software helps in designing workflows that align the team and eliminate time-consuming and inefficient back-and-forth communication. This leads to increased productivity, as the time spent on low-value communication, such as searching for a logo file or making basic selections, can be used to produce better work.

Streamlining communication

CROOW is a company with two video production products: CROOW Studio and CROOWpm. CROOW Studio allows clients to easily select from pre-formatted customizations and saves time in the pre-production process. CROOWpm is a video production project management platform that streamlines video production and helps teams grow business while reducing overhead. The company’s 2023 priority is to expand the nationwide adoption of CROOWpm to empower agencies, marketers, and video production teams to create and share stories efficiently. CROOW aims to be the premier collaboration platform for the video community.

CROOW software streamlines workflows and empowers team collaboration, eliminating time-consuming and inefficient back-and-forth communications. CROOW’s software platform has been incubated through agencies, marketing organizations, video production teams, and in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Beyond the platform’s best-in-breed project management features, CROOW really shines with advanced collaboration and business intelligence designed for video production. It helps leaders manage upcoming work, optimize resources, and minimize low-value tasks.

CROOW was founded with the goal of streamlining the video production process and improving collaboration between team members.

Standing out from the competition

As an innovative brand that is positioned to lead the video industry forward, often times they craft the trends with partners. To help put themselves on the cutting edge of video production and related industries, they constantly read blogs and white papers, listen to experts, and watch and scroll on social media. Of course, they often have collaborative sessions with client and video production teams where they can filter through the noise to see what’s most important. One thing that they do every year is put together CROOW’s guide to video trends which we share freely with everyone (the 2023 video trends guide is here).

Company culture

CROOW places great emphasis on establishing a strong and positive company culture. As a relatively new company, it has made a proactive effort to establish its five core values, which are central to building a thriving organizational culture. These values are “Grow Forward,” “Empower Collaboration,” “Brighten Humankind,” “Own Results,” and “Bring Energy.” The company believes that these values will set the foundation for long-term success and contribute to a positive working environment. “Grow Forward” encourages employees to adopt a growth mindset and reach beyond their comfort zones. “Empower Collaboration” stresses the importance of bringing people and ideas together through technology, relationships, and processes. “Brighten Humankind” embraces diversity and fosters open authentic connections. “Own Results” holds employees accountable for outcomes and encourages them to overcome obstacles. Finally, “Bring Energy” inspires employees to bring passion and energy to work every day, actively work as a team, and have fun along the way.

The company prides itself on staying true to its tagline of “Unite & Conquer.” This means that employees work collaboratively and take accountability for their results. As a startup, the company values innovation and entrepreneurship, which is reflected in its team. The company fosters a culture of positivity and encourages ideas. However, it also recognizes the importance of execution and progress. One of the company’s guiding principles is “eating your frogs.” This productivity mindset, which was passed down through Mark Twain, states that if you have a difficult task to do, it is best to tackle it first thing in the morning and tackle the biggest one first.

CROOW places great emphasis on establishing a strong and positive company culture.

Future ahead

As an early-stage company, CROOW is adopting a streamlined version of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) as it gains momentum in the market. The company is seeking a harmonious balance of structure and flexibility as it aims to transform the creative and video production industry through enhanced collaboration and reduced effort. CROOW’s flagship product, CROOW Studio, is already highly regarded by emerging industry leaders for its ability to deliver high-quality video at an affordable cost and within a timely manner. Meanwhile, the company’s CROOWpm product is receiving positive feedback as the future of video production project management software.

With its focus on improving workflow and collaboration, CROOW is poised to be a key player in the growth of the video production industry, helping businesses to keep pace with the increasing demand for video content.



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