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The global pharmaceutical landscape has witnessed a growing transformation with the emergence of new technologies and efficient manufacturing approaches. Constant progress in the field of medicine has opened up new ways to target different health maladies and clinical trials have created new opportunities for market growth. But to preserve drug safety and efficacy, they need to be kept within specific temperature and humidity ranges. The smallest temperature variation can put a patient’s health at risk.

So, storing and transporting pharmaceutical products is an exacting task. The drug supply chain should maintain a quality system setting and ensure the drugs are stored and transported according to labeled temperature, and humidity exposure guidance. Cold Chain services offer- temperature-controlled storage and distribution facilities to maintain the quality of drugs. But the shipment of temperature-sensitive products isn’t just about being safe. It is about being smart. Cold Chain Technologies (CCT) offers the smartest solutions to meet the needs.

With over 50 years of experience in the cold chain, Cold Chain Technologies has evolved as a leader in the development and delivery of cost-effective thermal packaging solutions that protect the integrity of temperature-sensitive products. Ranjeet Banerjee, CEO of Cold Chain Technologies was with the CEOViews team to share details about how they help organizations to manage a smarter cold chain.

How it all started

Cold Chain Technologies was founded in 1967 to support the temperature-sensitive shipping industry in protecting its critical product loads. Since then, CCT has built a solid infrastructure based on science and engineering for the development of exceptional thermal assurance packaging solutions. The team invariably test the designs to ensure they are robust for their utilized applications and make sure that they can be produced efficiently as well as reliably in high-volume, automated manufacturing. Initially, CCT started their business in the food industry and then in later years, pivoted towards the life sciences, when it was evident that there was a gap in the marketplace for a robust, resilient, qualified range of thermal packaging shippers to support transportation of drugs requiring cold chain management. The combination of taking a design, repeatedly testing, and ensuring superior and repeatable manufacturing execution has contributed to CCT being an industry leader. CCT is purpose-driven to maintain the temperature of drugs, vaccines, and pharmaceuticals because their secure delivery impacts the lives of people around the world.

Industrial and Social Benefits

In the life sciences industry, the storage and shipping of pharmaceutical products is a high-stakes game. The risks are immense, and the industry annually suffers huge losses due to failures in temperature-controlled logistics. Cold Chain Technologies recognizes that the current lack of visibility during the transportation of drugs and biologics create a lot of waste and often results in product safety and efficacy issues. CCT is working to improve the visibility and assurance of in-transit life science products through the recently launched digital platform, CCT Smart Solutions.

Tracking with CCT Smart Solutions

Through this digital platform, customers can easily track the location of their parcels or pallets as it enables real-time monitoring. This improves the reliability of the logistics and the ability to prevent or reduce challenges that a company may encounter while the product is in transit.

Reducing negative impact on environment

Additionally, CCT is deeply committed to reducing negative impacts on the environment by investing in the development and growth of reusable and sustainable thermal packaging solutions. Through their extensive portfolio of sustainable offerings coupled with CCT Smart Solutions for tracking and decision support, CCT is reducing the negative impact on the environment and helping the life science industry achieve a reduction in CO2 emissions, landfill waste, and more.

CCT is working to improve the visibility and assurance of in-transit life science products through the recently launched digital platform, CCT Smart Solutions.

Extensive Portfolio of thermal packaging solutions

Each CCT solution begins with the real world-need of their clients. The team of experts understands the logistical challenges of the products and applies unrivaled engineering expertise in every stage to choose the smartest solutions to ensure those challenges are met.

CCT TRUEtemp Naturals®

In 2022, CCT expanded its award-winning TRUEtemp Naturals® portfolio through the launch of seasonal solutions. The CCT TRUEtemp Naturals® portfolio utilizes proprietary design and manufacturing technologies to provide pharmaceutical-grade, time-temperature performance in an eco-friendly, 100% curbside recyclable and repulpable solution.

CCT TheraShield

CCT very recently announced the launch of CCT Ther- aShield, a broad range of advanced, reusable thermal packaging solutions directly linked to the CCT Smart Solutions portal to support the needs of the cell and gene therapy industry. This portfolio will be available in various temperature profiles, and sizes, and has been tested against the most robust industry standards. Additionally, CCT TheraShield leverages the company’s substantial experience in managing ultra-low temperature shipments with reusable services, which were highlighted throughout the distribution of the mRNA Covid-19 vaccine.

CCT Thermal Covers

CCT Thermal Covers, powered by Tyvek ®, offer premium protection for the life science market’s cargo during short-term cold chain breaks, which typically occur during tarmac exposure. These thermal covers are highly reflective and simultaneously waterproof as well as breathable unlike any other thermal cover in the marketplace. It protects the cargo not only from heat but also allows moisture to escape quickly from a covered load, which prevents mold growth or secondary packaging to become wet and/or damaged.

Beyond products, CCT continues to innovate their services and is one of pioneers in offering robust reusable solutions; “ready-to-use” conditioned shippers; integrated solutions linked with data loggers for tracking and visibility and various digital tools that help customers plan, create, track, and optimize their shipments.

An award-winning journey

As the business is focused on the life science industry, quality is at the heart of everything the company does. CCT is compliant with the various testing and qualification standards required to operate in the industry and asked for by the customers. Speaking about their journey of success, Ranjeet said, “I find success where there are opportunities to create shared value for both the organization and society. It is not just about financial growth and metrics; it is about really creating societal value through innovation. At CCT, we also understand that the medications, samples that we help transport while maintaining cold chain, impact people’s lives. Hence, we work closely with our customers and partners to help them choose the “right” solutions that balance their needs for performance, cost, compliance, and sustainability.”

CCT has amongst the largest thermal chamber testing facilities in the industry to support the testing and qualification of our solutions. Their sites and processes are audited regularly by the relevant organizations and customers. CCT also recently was awarded a Silver Rating by EcoVadis for improving sustainability and ESG initiatives and is now ranked in the top quarter of companies in the industry.

Acquiring talent in a competitive market

CCT has many talented leaders who are continually having conversations with customers, industry leaders, and internal experts to prioritize unmet demands in the market. This process assists in prioritizing the focus and work. They are constantly challenging themselves to launch these innovative ideas into compelling features, functionalities, products, digital offerings, and services.

Future Goals

CCT is on a journey to transform cold chain management for the life science industry. Speaking about their plans for the coming days, Ranjeet said, “Our goal primarily is to provide assurance from the manufacturing plant to the recipient of the drug or biologic. Today, the industry lacks visibility during the transportation of important drugs and biologics. That absence creates a lot of waste as well as may potentially have product safety and efficacy issues. CCT’s approach has been to combine products, services, and digital tracking capabilities to make that transformation happen – from “visibility” to providing “assurance.”

As a company, CCT is focused on redefining the next generation of condition monitoring by driving innovation as well as nurturing the company’s culture through regularly recognizing its people and teams.

Cold Chain Technologies


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