CARCO Group Inc. was established in 1977 and was later revamped to Cisive to keep pace with the incredible growth and the advancing complex challenges businesses face for accurate information and perspectives in making informed decisions. “Cisive provides tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of enterprise clients in the financial services and other highly regulated industries. Throughout the years, Cisive has earned clients’ trust through the lifelong partner way of being; Cisive is a company that stands by their work, protects their clients, and provides the consultation and guidance world-class organizations are looking for,” said James Owens, CEO of Cisive. It is for these reasons that many clients have trusted the organization for background screening needs for over 30 years.

There are a few more prominent companies in the background screening industry, but none can match Cisive. The organization has set the industry standards for over 40 years; companies refer to them as the gold standard for comparison. Competitors can sell against Cisive by maximizing areas they do not, such as low prices, but they know who sets the high mark for quality and applicant experience. Cisive maintains the same approach to quality despite the radical changes in technology that have happened over 40 years and despite other background screening companies coming on the scene and taking shortcuts.

Cisive’s client’s major pain points concern Human Capital Management (HCM) and risk management. HCM includes recruiting, employing, and developing an organization’s employees through strategic and tactical strategies, processes, and applications to optimize their economic value. Risk management is a technique to plan and mitigate the impacts of an employer’s threats. Comparable to risk reduction, risk mitigation takes action to reduce the adverse effects on business continuity (BC) of threats and disasters, including the current COVID-19 global pandemic.

Cisive is a company that stands by their work, protects their clients, and provides the consultation  and guidance world-class organizations are looking for

Employers are competing for top talent in today’s post-pandemic highly regulated environment and technology-driven landscape. As a result, they must focus on providing the best candidate experience, which usually means balancing compliance and due diligence with efficiency. Efficient processes that leverage the latest technology can determine whether an employer meets their hiring goals. With Cisive’s technology, employers can have both without compromise.

The technological advancements changing the Human Capital Landscape have only been accelerated by the Coronavirus pandemic, and Cisive aims to be at the forefront. Cisive is developing leading-edge technology and solutions such as its SAFE19 COVID-19 Clearinghouse and ACCESS19 digital attestation solutions as the approach to talent acquisition and management continues to evolve. The nature of background screening is going to undergo a revolution in the next few years due to advances in technologies such as distributed ledgers (blockchain), and this will change the business models for background screening companies. Cisive plans to seize on that opportunity and will be out in front.

While the reduction in the information provided in credit reports has been challenging for positions regulated under FINRA, Cisive’s Financial Anomalies Search Technology (FAST) is the perfect solution for banks and other financial services institutions to run credit reporting to meet regulatory requirements. FAST provides compliance officers and recruiters a means to match regulated candidates’ self-disclosures regarding public civil records, liens, or judgments in compliance with Federal, State, or local laws and regulations.

The efficiency of Cisive’s FAST was fully displayed when it helped an organization solve its compliance issues after the credit reporting reductions. The client needed an efficient way of getting missing information in the credit reports while bringing people on board. With FAST, Cisive was able to compensate for what was lost in the credit reports and provide all of the information required to vet people and drive the right decisions.

A company hiring over 10,000 employees per year was experiencing a time to fill with over 58 days for their hires, and most of the time was lost in manual works. Although background investigations and drug tests were a contributing portion of those 58 days, they were not a controlling factor. Since the length of their time to fill was making the company uncompetitive in the marketplace for talent, they elected to implement Cisive’s Onboarding Portal to eliminate the manual, paper-based activities. Cisive’s partnership allowed the company to automate many new hire processes while eliminating duplicate data entry and converting over 15 documents to an electronic format. With Cisive’s help, the company was able to reduce its time to fill by over 17 days, significantly accelerating its hiring process.

More than 15 percent of Cisive’s throughput is international work today. Recently, Cisive has  acquired the Pre-Employment Screening division of Blue Umbrella (now Cisive Global), a well-known and highly regarded background screening and due-diligence company in the APAC region and PreCheck, the pre-eminent background screening company in the healthcare vertical, adding to Cisive’s presence in transportation with DriverIQ, and railroad and vendor screening with eVerifile. These were significant milestones in Cisive’s strategy to provide accurate, global background screening capabilities for every regulated vertical. Cisive will continue to expand their global footprint and become the top choice for Fortune 1000 companies in highly regulated industries across the globe.

Cisive incorporates statutory and regulatory considerations, benchmarking, best practices, company culture, and hiring risk levels to ensure the industry’s best background screening program. Whether for healthcare compliance, financial service compliance, or general HR compliance, Cisive has never had a judgment filed against it for violations of the FCRA or any other consumer reporting statute or regulation. The organization’s driving mission is to provide most accurate, reliable risk mitigation services to keep the clients out of harm’s way.



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