The complexities of running a small business and lack of integrated solutions takes a toll on the business owners.

The company’s mission is to become the industry’s leading member-benefit organization for independent business owners and it is working hard to make this a success.

“Chalice  Network was established out of necessity as a business owner and financial advisor,” said Keith Gregg, CEO of Chalice Network. The average small business owner must seek solutions to run their business, everything from Marketing, IT, Payroll to health insurance benefits. It takes time and due diligence, and for many business owners, they don’t have the experience to vet these vendors or the scale to negotiate favorable pricing.

Once the selection of products and services has been made – then the question becomes – how do I aggregate and integrate versus having to log-in and log-out to 4-6 different websites and disparate systems? This is where Chalice Network comes in, with decades of experience and after the creation of a single sign-on technology platform – Chalice Digital Marketplace, the members of Chalice can gain access to all the products, services, and technology & tools they need to run their business better and serve the clients in the best possible way.

Chalice Network is a member benefit organization that focuses on supporting small to medium-sized independent professionals by offering highly favorable prices for exclusive access to services and enterprise-quality goods. The company was built to overcome the business problems of every small and medium-sized business owner-seeking economies of scale and operational efficiency while helping them to simplify and grow their business through the Chalice Network. “The company’s mission is to become the industry’s leading member-benefit organization for independent business owners and it is working hard to make this a success,” states Gregg.

The company offers access to best-in-class wealth management products and services through its digital marketplace — Chalice Digital Marketplace, in search of the economies of scale and operational efficiencies that advisors want and need to thrive. Chalice Network is a community of over 52,000+ members, composed of qualified Financial Planners, CPAs, Insurance Brokers, and other financial experts. Its community also provides unique opportunities for peer-to-peer networking and collaboration, providing a platform for exchanging ideas and best practices to help collectively improve the members.

The clients associated with Chalice are challenged with a lack of economies scale and operational inefficiency. In essence, the company provides its clients the buying power of 52,000+ members and ease of access to aggregated and integrated business solutions available through Chalice Digital Marketplace. There are 3 membership tiers to choose from, starting at just $25/month!. The benefit of cloud-based computing and API connectivity has become the gold standard to SaaS/PaaS companies; not only for convenience and security – but for straight-through processing and operational optimization.

Most of the members of Chalice are 1099 Independent contractors or SMBs, so it’s difficult to afford business solutions, technology, and group health insurance. Chalice is a Member Benefits Organization of 52,000+ members that leverage the buying power of the members to deliver meaningful business solutions and affordable group health insurance benefits.

Chalice has three main operating principles: Open, honest, and frequent communication, gaining trust through transparency and accountability – do whatever you said you’re going to do! Chalice focuses on taking the client’s business to the next level with confidence by accessing the right solutions, kick-starting the business with leading technology designed to save time and money, and securing the company with must-have products and services. Chalice Network was founded by real veterans in the financial industry who recognizes the needs of the independent business owner today. The leadership team has a cumulative background of over 100 years and is committed in providing tangible and immediate value to all members of the Chalice Network.

Chalice Network indeed seeks to be a global company and have some expansion plans in the UK and Canada right now. Chalice will further expand its services into other verticals such as Attorneys, Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, and other Financial Services Allied professionals. Chalice anticipates that the value of On-Line Communities of likeminded people will become the new social norm, and the adoption of technology to manage both internal and external relationships and business affairs is the only way to win in a technology-driven world we live in. Chalice is the Holy Grail for Financial Services SMBs.


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