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Capital Telecom Services was established in 2016. After 22 years in the business, the founder realized the immense impact of Telecommunications on society and finally decided to build a Telecommunications company with its core as a home for passionate telecom professionals. Capital Telecom Services (CTS) has been a customer-centric focused organization, and the customers have been the catalyst to creating innovation and change within the company while reinforcing the company culture of hard work, attention to detail, commitment, and excellent team energy. The organization’s goal is to recruit, engage, and train the best team in the industry providing expertise and passion to every project.

“In this highly competitive and ever-evolving marketplace, CTS delivers, at-the-moment of truth, laser focus on clients’ needs through its talented and tenured technical team. CTS is a full-service telecom, engineering, and construction company delivering wireless projects from conception to completion for their valued partners. The team at CTS provides professional engineering and construction services to large wireless providers, wireless support organizations, general contractors, and large enterprises worldwide,” said Kevin Turrisi, CEO & President of CTS. “Watching our team evolve and grow organically in a few short years has brought me great personal joy. Now larger clients have heard of our strong reputation and are hiring us as their trusted “go-to” partner. CTS’s telecom journey is exciting because it’s full of tremendous potential. CTS is ALL about Company Culture! In a competitive and dynamic market, CTS strives to employ professionals in the industry who want to grow and be a part of something incredibly special. Our goal is to successfully grow the company through fanatical   customer     support  and continuous technical education across our growing workforce.”

A constant theme in the telecommunications industry is maintaining tight budgets and achieving accelerated timelines from carriers and 1st tier customers. All builds seem more and more compressed for the timing to ensure profit margins once they leave the primaries. CTS thrives on these conditions. CTS remains agile and willing to travel with allocated local resources providing teams at a moment’s notice. The core area of CTS is the BAWA market with strategic expansion along the east coast. The team is continuously looking for efficiencies and optimum workflows for our customers while facing challenges as unique as the end-users. How an organization responds to challenging times speaks directly about a company’s internal communication and team empowerment, and at CTS, it is often required to address these types of challenges. It is typical for the CTS team, while interfacing with a new client, to provide them with additional professional services amid a project. CTS thrives on providing bottom-line efficiency to client timelines exceeding expectations.

The organization’s goal is to recruit, engage, and train the best team in the industry and bring out the expertise and passion for the business to every project that they come in contact with.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has affected countless people and businesses all over the world. Many companies are having to shut down or postpone their work temporarily. Fortunately, CTS has been deemed as an essential business. CTS has continued to work throughout this pandemic, helping communities with new communication infrastructure. CTS immediately pivoted during education shutdowns to complete multiple Public Safety & DAS projects in numerous schools. CTS is grateful for the opportunity to help serve and support communities that require immediate essential mission-critical communications.

Capital Telecom Services shares the nation’s concern for the well-being of families, neighbors, and citizens with the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. Understanding that communication is essential for maintaining the business, education, emergency, and other daily activities, CTS has pledged full support and resources to Keeping America Connected, an initiative launched by the Federal Government on March 13th designed to help the nation remain connected during this unprecedented time of uncertainty.

In terms of the advancement of technology, one cannot avoid the conversation of 5G and Smart City Infrastructure. The ability to adequately support 5G requires up to 10 times new infrastructure equipment to meet these new demands. In addition, Public Safety Communications is at the forefront of needs. With new regulations and the requirement of 99% coverage in all buildings, the demand for blanket coverage is now paramount. As for Smart City, buildings need to be better equipped to support the mix of business and personal life. This includes technologies that allow people to return to work and school over the coming months without spreading COVID-19. CTS continues to utilize State-of-the-Art Technology & Testing Equipment.

CTS has worked with several industries of different sizes. We resolve challenges arising from geographic locations and maintenance and troubleshooting needs in airports and various DC government buildings. CTS and partnering organizations have built a DMV team for all telecom services and maintenance for wireless service customers. Various challenges have risen from the COVID-19 economic shutdown with ongoing and critical Public Safety Education deployments. CTS quickly became a trusted and reliable partner during these unprecedented times. CTS has accepted and painstakingly followed up with every Public Safety project presented, without hesitation, regardless of budget constraints and current situations.

Capital Telecom Services is expanding services and couldn’t be more excited about adding great people to an established and outstanding team. CTS has recently added new teams in the Southeast and is actively hiring new engineers and project managers in Virginia and North Carolina.

CTS’s telecom journey is exciting and full of potential and can be found on the new website, Please visit us for news and updates! Stay tuned…


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