The notion of wellness was generally associated with hitting the gym regularly, eating green & healthy food. It was mostly limited only to physical well-being. People never imagined that well-being can be associated with more than just being physically fit. However, in reality, well-being results from complex interactions among many dimensions. When these different dimensions are nurtured in harmony, they improve health and quality of life.

In the last few years, people have been very vocal about their mental being, which earlier was stigmatised. Pandemic forced work from home scenarios has further drawn the curtain over these issues. People now realise the importance of mental being and how it affects their performance at work. This also has gotten various employers to set up employee wellbeing programs at their offices. Any business in any sector is only as good as its people. That’s why businesses that make employee wellbeing programs a priority can look forward to long-term success.


BioFunctional Health Solutions is one such organisation that promotes the overall wellbeing of the employees. To understand how it is trying to create awareness and achieve success in this mission, we were with Brent Kruel, CEO of BioFunctional Health Solutions.

The organisation was established in 2007 with one purpose and focus, to bring the same care that professional athletes trust them with to be competitive to Ameri- can employees to keep them productive. They achieve this through screening, prevention tools, and proprietary treatments done by a provider and their own AI system, YouMari, that empowers individuals to resolve their MSKs on their own time from anywhere.

Since their inception, they have relied on listening to their customers to drive their evolution and have focused on solving problems for employers related to employee health and wellness. Nurses deliver over 80% of all health- care in the nation and are the most trusted profession for the last 18 years. Nurses with them have partnered with customers as thought leaders in infectious disease control and safety. Their solutions are simple, affordable, and effective, taking the guesswork out of the already challenging situation.

What makes BHS better

Remote workforce and reliance on technology have in fact put employees at a much higher risk of physical and mental health issues. Employers have spent an average 38% more in 2021 on MSK care due to poor workplace conditions in home offices.

BHS is launching YouMari, the first AI application developed based on the same hands-on system professional athletes have trusted to treat their musculoskeletal conditions (MSKs) since 1991. The difference is that they have had to rely on a high training physician, and now the system is available and easy to follow for everyone.

BHS solutions are designed by a multidisciplinary team unmatched in their industry, including medical doctors, nurses, attorneys, technologists, kinesiologists, and all connected through their CEO, Brent Kruel, a seasoned hospital and healthcare executive.

What differentiates them from their competitors

BHS programs are employer-sponsored benefits offered onsite and digitally to all employees of an organisation that partners with BHS. Over 98% of their customers’ employees report significantly higher job satisfaction and productivity due to less pain and discomfort. Furthermore, BHS’ TOTAL wellness program addresses nutrition, fitness, sleep hygiene, as well as many preventative/pro-active care models to enable employees to become the best version of themselves.

BHS is the only company that has combined onsite occupational health, professional athletic quality soft tissue care, and state-of-the-art wellness and prevention programs into an easily implemented corporate wellness program. Most companies must cobble together these programs from 5-6 different vendors, whereas BHS does it all and better. This has gotten them a great headstart in comparison to all their competitors.

Where are they heading from here?

They are continuously adding wellness services and products to their portfolio to improve the TOTAL wellness of the American worker. They are most excited about two things: [1] Strategic partnerships allowing them to leverage wearable technology that they have developed sleep studies, performance cycle optimisation, and objective data to improve the general quality of life through particular modifications in lifestyle. [2]

Launching their AI application, YouMari, the first of its kind clinical quality self-care system enabling individuals to treat and resolve their pain from musculoskeletal conditions like back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, and many more.


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