Big Data Special 2018

The gravitating pull Big Data has garnered in recent years is immense and the main reason being its contribution to the modern technology world. Deep learning, Machine learning, Analytics, and solving complex problems through computing. With Gartner predicting that Machine learning to be a top strategic trend, it is also true that machine learning has set the base for preparing new data on the grounds of achieving the accuracy, and more and more predictability.


The market for Big Data expanding, the staggering numbers that are surfacing is the amplifying of the current number from $130 billion to $200 billion over the next two years. The Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) is signifies that this trend is here to stay for at-least a healthy amount of time. Within a year, the CAGR for Big Data has gone on to grow from 11.3% to 11.7%.


Open Source applications, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Cognitive Technology, IoT and In-Memory technology will all set the trend as enterprises are increasingly adopting the aforementioned trend at an alarming rate. The future is extremely bright and it only indicates that more organizations are making that shift towards Big Data envisaging the potential and the fruition it brings in a much deeper sense in the long run.


The CEO Views, by following all the relevant and the imminent trends and the potential Big Data can bring to organizations has identified few such organisations who are not only proficient, but are also putting relentless efforts to devise new solutions while being adoptive of innovative strategies. Below is the list of the “top 10 firms” offering efficient, effective solutions in the field of Big Data.

ASI Data Science

Welbeck Street,London

Dr Marc Warner,

Co-founders & CEO,

Dr Angie Ma, COO

The firm specializes in data exploration, data science, predictive analytics and data engineering

Arcadia Data

San Mateo, CA

Sushil Thomas

Co-Founder & CEO

A provider of the first native visual analytics software to aid users through scalability, flexibility and security on their drive towards gaining meaning, real-time business insights


San Francisco, CA

Ali Ghodsi

Co-Founder & CEO

Databricks unifies data science, data engineering and business to help firms accelerate innovation and achieve faster time-to-value on course


Boston, MA

Jeremy Achin

Co-Founder & CEO

A provider of a machine-learning platform that helps data scientists build and drive accurate predictive models quickly and efficiently

Hansa Cequity

Mumbai, India

Prashant Mathur

Sr. Director Marketing

Hansacequity adopts a data-driven strategy to help organizations build intelligent, intuitive and real-time customer relationships


San Francisco, CA

Abhinav Shashank

Co-Founder & CEO

A provider of intelligent healthcare solutions for Healthcare systems, ACOs, HIEs


Redwood City, CA

Greg Smirin


A provider of a customer interaction platform through a GUI that helps organizational teams make real-time, important decisions anywhere, anytime

Quertle, LLC

Henderson, NV

Jeff Saffer

President & CEO

Quertle is a Biomedical and AI integrated platform that delivers relevant medical information and predictive analytics


Boston, MA

Peter Lee


RapidMiner helps in the unification of data prep, machine learning and predictive model deployment by offering a platform that enables the building of future data based advanced learning models


St Leonards, NSW

Elizabeth Whitelock


A builder of predictive intelligence software that enables organizations mitigate risk, identify threat areas and thus make informed decisions