In 2024, Winmate Inc. is about to reach a historic milestone and start its first 30 years. After 30 years of development, Winmate Inc. has evolved from being a hardware supplier to providing comprehensive system integration solutions. As a result, it has become the leading brand of rugged industrial computers worldwide. As part of its commitment to building an excellent brand image through innovation and macro-thinking, Winmate Inc. announced that 2022 would be its “first year of the brand”. A wide range of business activities has become a part of Winmate’s scope in recent years. The company has actively developed intelligent cockpit solutions, intelligent buildings, public safety solutions, and environmentally friendly renewable energy solutions. Also in the same year, Winmate’s ESG sustainability website was awarded the top 5% of excellent enterprises. Keeping this belief in mind is Ken’s way of life. “Altruism” has always been Winmate’s guiding philosophy. It is a fundamental component of sustainable corporate management. Winmate integrates sustainability into its daily operations. Our goal is to balance the environment, society, and governance through continuous practices and close cooperation with stakeholders. Winmate’s sustainability aspects include environmental protection, social inclusion, corporate governance, and innovative value creation (ESG) in order to achieve its vision and mission.

As a result of continuous rugged tablet use in vehicles and warehousing, as well as medical tablet orders starting to be shipped in 2022. Winmate’s revenue hit a high, and profits can also reach a high at the same time.

Revenue and profit will rise as the company continues to write new chapters in the vehicle and medical tablets. Since winning a five-year large order for Mercedes-Benz Vehicle Inspection in 2019, the company also has won several orders from luxury car brands, Bosch, Siemens, and other major manufacturers. Winmate has also won orders related to the petrochemical, marine, and semiconductor industries.

For corporate sustainable development, Winmate adheres to the business philosophy of “altruism” as a leading manufacturer and provider of rugged computer and IPC products. Under the vision of “Sustainability Through Innovation,” Winmate has gradually realized concepts such as low-carbon manufacturing and circular economy in our value chain, and has adopted six strategies: Sustainable Supply Base, Green Product, Recycling, Decarbonization, People with Purpose, and Labor Welfare to fulfill the mission of “Trusted Innovation Partner for Technology, Sustainability, and Better Lives.” Adhering to the company’s vision, Winmate will continue to cooperate with various partners, exert sustainable influence, and lead the way for a prosperous future for all.


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