AvaTrade was founded in 2006, which is considered a lifetime in the online trading industry. It is one of the very first platforms to be made available to retail traders. It has built a solid reputation for itself and believes it is incumbent to protect its reputation and the strong relationship with its clients. As it is one of the most highly regulated online brokers out there to offer CFD trading online, it gives the traders a level of confidence and trust. The organization values that trust and does everything to protect it. “We emphasize both quality and choice. Choice with regards to the platforms we offer, the assets we host, and the account types available, in the hope that our clients have an enjoyable and rewarding experience,” says Daire Ferguson, CEO of AvaTrade.

AvaTrade has also continued to hone its offering to customers in the last year, both in terms of technology and products. It has expanded the diverse products and features available to traders – the latest example of this being the launch of its innovative new copy and social trading solution, AvaSocial, in November 2020. The custom-built application is regulated by the FCA in partnership with Pelican Trading and benefits all traders, both new and existing, by allowing them to connect share, and execute trades in one central network.

AvaSocial integrates with AvaTrade’s entire suite of execution platforms to facilitate trading and allow traders to showcase their performance. Clients can create their community of followers who can monitor their strategies, auto-copy or manually copy their signals, and analyze performances. As well as being a comprehensive copy trading solution, AvaSocial allows users to view the different strategies of the experts they are following and opt to take the inverse position instead, depending on their market convictions. Users of AvaSocial can also communicate with fellow traders on live trades through the instant messaging functionality, thereby allowing users to heed the experts’ recommendations to provide them with a greater chance of success.

AvaTrade is an award-winning broker and among the largest and most regulated in the market. Its brand values, focusing on safety, regulation, and education, have enabled it to grow with our customers recognizing that it is a trusted partner to them. For its more seasoned users, AvaTrade’s vanilla options trading platform-AvaOptions has been hugely popular as it enables traders to easily configure and execute a wide range of strategies. The organization is also seeing more of its customers – both new and experienced-equipping themselves with its new risk management tool, AvaProtect, to safeguard their positions in this climate of high risk, high reward. It has recently launched a new social trading platform, AvaSocial, so it’s still early days on that one, but the response for that too has been extremely positive and encouraging.

AvaTrade likes to see its clients succeed and offers as much support as possible across its platforms, as increasingly, it is obvious that people seek openness, security, and convenience in all aspects of their lives. Moving forwards, AvaTrade wants its customers to expect to see a bigger focus on the technologies that allow for more flexibility and improves its platforms to ultimately enhance the user experience for retail traders and keep them.

Naturally, customer retention is one of AvaTrade’s top priorities, and it wants to keep as many of the new users it has gained in 2020 as possible. Anyone new to trading should be taking advantage of the various risk management tools and social trading platforms that are available to them – such as AvaProtect and AvaSocial. Such tools and platforms can be a great jumping-off point in helping those less experienced to “learn while they earn” and get to grips with the financial markets. They can also be great for boosting confidence as knowing you have a cushion to land on and communities to turn to should any positions not go to plan will certainly help traders feel more comfortable in executing their strategies.

AvaTrade also provides its customers with up-to-date online education services which include informative articles, podcasts, and webinars AvaTrade has seen an increase in people signing up to their great platform, but the next challenge is making sure it can keep these new users onboard throughout this economic crisis and beyond. This is where its unique risk management tool, AvaProtect, along with the focus on educating traders comes in, as the company believes by enriching clients with more knowledge and confidence, the longer they will stay with AvaTrade.

AvaTrade’s risk management tool, AvaProtect, offers clients the chance to protect their investments and limit their risk exposure. AvaProtect performs all the critical thinking traders would need to do for them by executing matching options trades to hedge the exposure. The risk management tool adds an element of sophistication to the users’ trades with these options positions, all without the client needing to do any calculations themselves, to execute the additional trades and take on any additional exposure.

AvaTrade also provides its customers with up-to-date online education services which include informative articles, podcasts, and webinars.

AvaTrade manages the additional exposure by offering protection based on the options market which prices risk as a function of market volatility and the duration of the protection. Users only need to pay a small fee for taking out the protection, much like paying a premium on an insurance policy, to then feel more confident when executing strategies knowing that AvaProtect will ensure any losses will be tolerable and there is still a chance to profit overall. A more seasoned trader could choose to create their own set-up that is similar by using options from the trading. platform, AvaOptions This allows traders to configure and execute a wide range of strategies all at once, but AvaTrade provides the same level of protection in the shortest term with unmatched ease and simplicity.

AvaTrade takes great pride in providing cutting-edge trading platforms that are intuitive and user-friendly for the masses, while also strongly valuing safety, regulation, and education. It is one of the world’s leading online trading platforms and regulated across six continents and constantly looking to expand-be that through acquisition or opening offices in new jurisdictions. Being both an online and mobile platform has meant that it can market to a much broader audience interested in retail trading. During these unprecedented times, AvaTrade’s day-to-day business has been able to continue operating. As a brand that prides itself on regulation, Ava Trade is looking forward to capitalizing on new opportunities in this space. The organization is interested in securing a license in the UK and one of its longer-term goals is to be regulated in the US.


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