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Software as a Service, popularly known as SaaS has caught the attention of global software users lately and has been on the rise ever since. The ability to access the application anywhere in the world without really having to install the software has given this industry an edge over all other business models.

The growth of the SaaS market can be attributed to a combination of technological innovation, customer behavior, and demand. Recently external factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic have caused this already booming market to increase. The pandemic, according to Gartner has seen businesses forced to focus on ‘preserving cash flow and optimize IT costs, support and secure a remote workforce, and ensure resiliency’.

However, as an organization/individual, we rely heavily on the SaaS application and end up with too many, which later becomes difficult to manage. While the benefits are great for users, they can pose significant challenges for Finance, Operations, and Security teams. Any fault in their security might end up compromising our data. To solve the challenges of discovering SaaS applications, managing them, and securing them, Derik Belair and Gavin Garbutt, two industry veterans started Augmentt Technologies.

Derik Belair, Co-Founder & CEO of Augmentt Technologies met with the CEOViews team to elaborate on what problems they are addressing with their products and how they view the future of SaaS.

The story of Augmentt’s inception

The founders of Augmentt Technology have 35 years of the experience, where they have spent most of the time building, marketing, and selling Cloud and SaaS applications to the MSP community. During this period they witnessed an unrivaled adoption of SaaS. While this new model has unique benefits, it also has many challenges – Augmentt was created to address these.

Derik said that the idea came into existence during an annual sailing trip scheduled in October of 2019. Augmentt Technology is addressing the challenges caused by the rapid rise in cyber-attacks, data corruption, and breaches that small and mid-sized businesses are facing.

Augmentt Technology empowers modern MSPs to deliver managed services with advanced platforms for cloud app security and SaaS management. With tools for proactive prevention of cyber-attacks, a deeper understanding of SaaS usage, and multi-tenant SaaS management, Augmentt enables MSPs to become champions of cloud IT.

Trends in Market

As Derik was explaining, the current trends that are prevalent in the industry he said, “Post-pandemic, cloud infrastructure outsourced to service providers will increase in the next 18 months to 77%. In order for MSPs to capitalize on this massive opportunity, they will need the tools, information, and workflows to properly secure and manage SaaS and cloud applications”. The most successful MSPs have expanded into market segments with significantly higher margins, such as advanced security or SaaS solutions. Augmentt helps MSPs increase their monthly recurring revenues by offering world-class SaaS management services and cloud app security.

Augmentt’s proud offering

Data breaches have been a major concern for organizations these days. It was a very big challenge for the institutions to find out a permanent solution. Augmentt Technology helps in ensuring that MSPs follow best security practices with clear insights into MFA rollout and compliance to industry-standard security policies. MSPs can also leverage customer-facing reports to pitch security services to prospects or show current clients exactly how the MSP’s services are benefiting them.

Augmentt Technology was created with a deep understanding of the needs and workflows of MSPs. Their Engage platform includes policies like Least Privilege Access, to reduce the likelihood of human error and give MSPs more control and visibility over SaaS applications like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. Augmentt Secure offers unmatched ease of use for proactive cloud app security, prevent- ing breaches before they happen. Augmentt Technology also offers enablement programs for education, marketing, sales support, custom reporting, as well as a strong commitment to security with their SOC 2 compliance.

They believe that innovation is driven by talented people with different cultural backgrounds, creating a team of hardworking and dynamic people who align with their corporate values.

Augmentt Technology empowers modern MSPs to deliver managed services with advanced platforms for cloud app security and SaaS

Testimonials                                            ”

Augmentt Technology has been offering its services to various organizations and has received great appreciation for the same. Here is what one of their clients has to say about them:

“Augmentt has one of the strongest onboarding services, dare I say ‘hand-holding’, that no one has ever seen from a vendor. The Discover agent is a no-brainer for any MSP as they should have an easy-to-read report of what SaaS their clients are using in order to complete their software audits. Engage just works and is a finishing touch when you don’t want/need to give their techs admin access for password resets. And now they’ve rolled out Secure which is looking to be one of the best tools for security oversight of Microsoft accounts. It’s rare that a newcomer in the field has their act together this well and we can do nothing but sing their praises.”

-Eric Johnson, President, Credo Technology Group

Roadmap for the future

While the journey so far has been good, they are looking to make the future remarkable. In 2022, they have a lot on the roadmap in terms of security and management refinements to their platforms. Going deeper on capabilities and usability. Their other focuses are on international expansion in ANZ, APAC, and EMEA and expanding their presence in the channel via distributor and reseller programs.

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