ATFX is the well-known & leading global online Forex and CFDs broker regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and a few other jurisdictions. ATFX offers over 100 CFD instruments for investors to trade and full coverage, and comprehensive education tools for the clients. By prioritizing the safety of its clients’ funds, providing a seamless trading environment, and ensuring that deposits and withdrawals are free and instant, ATFX has become the preferred broker for many investors. In Q3 2020, ATFX was ranked among the Top 3 brokers for retail FX/CFD trading volumes on the MT4/MT5 platforms.

Since ATFX was the first broker introducing Facial Recognition Service and Adobe Sign technologies to clients to speed up the registration process, the organization has also been named the Leading Fintech Broker in the industry. It has never stopped on technology innovation to make trading easier. ATFX has won more than 40 international awards in the past few years, including Best Fintech Broker Award, FX Broker of the Year, Best Trading Experience Award, etc. ATFX has been recognized as one of the Top Brands of the Year 2021.

Every organization faces challenges, and the biggest challenge ATFX faced in past years was the over-demand from asset managers and financial institutions of providing tailored liquidity service for them. “It was not easy to decide on the transition from being a successful retail broker with a recognized global brand to becoming an institutional broker within a very competitive arena. However, I see the challenge as an opportunity. We decided to expand our vision, partner with the correct technology provider, promote our company’s global presence to the worldwide base with 12 regional offices, and provide award-winning customer service. Now, in the first quarter of 2021, our institutional business has successfully grown over 500% compared to earlier last year even though under the COVID-19 pandemic!” said joé Li, Chairman of ATFX

The pace at which technology has transformed the financial sector over the last five years has been unprecedented. This has become even more apparent during the past year, with most people working remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Clients now require the ability to actively trade, access market updates or trading signals at the touch of a button on their mobile or laptop anytime and anywhere. Security around passwords and login details has also seen a dramatic change, something that ATFX has been proud to implement by introducing facial recognition technology to verify customer identities when opening trading accounts online ATFX also boasts its in-house technology team, and with the trusted partners, it is continuously working together and looking at ways to revolutionize the products and services by providing flexible and reliable solutions.

Building a brand and not just a business had been a significant factor behind the success of ATFX as a company. The management team at ATFX had a clear vision and story for the company’s direction from the outset, ensuring that its core values are shared by all the employees and passed onto its clients. These fundamental principles have played an essential role in attracting and building long-term relationships with its customers and business partners. For its retail business, the correct branding and strategy have always been a high priority to ensure that the clients are left with a memorable and lasting impression of ATFX, which inevitably leads to client retention. For the institutional business, having a globally recognized brand has helped the organization promote its products and services to both business partners and clients by giving them the confidence to trade with an established company within the financial markets.

Since ATFX was the first broker introducing Facial Recognition Service and Adobe Sign technologies to clients to speed up the registration process, the organization has also been named the Leading Fintech Broker in the industry.

ATFX’s MT4 is currently the most popular trading platform because it was one of the first modem platforms that gave traders unlimited access to the financial markets. Back when the platform was launched in 2005, only accredited investors and institutions had easy access to the markets. It was challenging for retail traders to access and trade the financial markets. MT4 stepped in and made it very easy for people from all walks of life to trade the markets. The ATFX MT4 platform has many inbuilt indicators, such as it’s very own developed ATFX Support & Resistance Indicator, which offers traders access to thousands of instruments and allows traders to use automated strategies via expert advisors.

ATFX offers both retail trading services targeted at retail and individual traders and institutional brokerage services to family offices, investment firms, and hedge funds, among others. Retail traders can access services via the main ATFX website, while institutional traders and investors can access bespoke services via the ATFX Connect platform, which is its fintech arm. However, institutional traders get access to prime brokerage services and tailored liquidity solutions that are not available to retail traders. The organization is currently offering three accounts to its clients. ATFX Connect Agency Account, ATFX Connect Margin Account, and One Zero Bridge Account

ATFX has garnered many accolades and awards, which stand as a testament to its services and solutions. ATFX has a company culture that rewards and encourages excellence in everything. The management team has prioritized the welfare of the employees, resulting in a motivated team that works hard every day to deliver the highest quality services to the clients. Its employees are the key to its continued success. The leadership team is accountable for providing the necessary resources to deliver quality services by investing in the business and providing employees with effective strategies.

ATFX differentiates itself from its competitors by showing dedication to making its services easily accessible to everyone worldwide. ATFX’s vision is to democratize access to the financial markets globally, which underpins everything it does. ATFX puts on the importance of services-related measures in a transparent manner. Bringing the clients closer by enhancing support through its local representatives, upgrading the portal to serve them better, and providing educational webinars, market updates, and tools will make their trading experience a breeze.

ATFX will continue to put the customer first and work on various fintech solutions to improve their overall experience. The organization launched its premier research portal known as AT Premier for the MENA region, where traders can get insights on the markets from reputable sources. Moreover, the organization has launched its brand-new social trading application called ATFX TeamUp in the LATAM market. ATFX plans to launch more fintech-based products and services that reimagine many aspects of an investor’s journey.


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