Fred Cooper, Founder & CEO

With a PhD in business administration and economics, Fred Cooper, CEO and Founder of ARIIX, knew exactly where to focus in his new venture. The seven Founders of ARIIX believe that every individual has the potential for greatness, and it is the mission and vision of ARIIX to help unleash and maximize that potential. ARIIX provides the ability for its independent Representatives to diversify their businesses. Keeping in mind the changing market trends and demands, ARIIX embraces a “house of brands” philosophy, allowing entrepreneurs to build their businesses the way they choose, while always staying competitive and relevant.

With many independent brands competing to offer similar products at the lowest price, the competition is tough. Aiding this issue, ARIIX offers direct sales solutions within the industry, providing Representatives worldwide with the opportunity to broaden their horizons and expand their circles of influence. ARIIX uses matrix performance measurements to obtain the greatest insight by looking at the demographics of the customers, what they like, what they buy and how they behave. Based on these observations, ARIIX provides training and education to Representatives, helping them reach their full potential in business, and in life.

According to Fred, ARIIX’s biggest challenge was the evolution of the online world of retail. With easier options to shop and compare the price and brand of products, consumers are more inclined to bigger brands. To overcome this challenge, ARIIX offers a distinct and disruptive business opportunity unique to the industry, along with cutting-edge products formulated in partnership with its Athletes Council, Wellness Council and Scientific Advisory Board for optimal results. Award-winning products boasting the ARIIX Seal of Approval and myriad certifications and clinical test results have placed ARIIX at the forefront. “We not only sell the products, but also help the consumers transform in terms of self-confidence and self-improvement,” adds Fred.

In the direct selling industry, the products and culture of the organization play a key role. But the third and most important element is compensation, because most people get involved in this business for some extra income. Most of the organizations in this industry claim to pay back 80% of their sales in commissions, but generally this is deceptive. After conducting extensive research on compensation plans in order to understand the competition, the Founders realized they needed to prove that even though the commission they offer appears to be less than that of their competitors, it is actually in fact higher, and their system is completely transparent. Many organizations take advantage of the complexity of their compensation plans in order to pay less in commissions.

ARIIX is expanding geographically to new countries every year. To promote its products and opportunity, the company places special emphasis on social media, where it highlights the personal stories of transformation of ARIIX Representatives in terms of personal improvement and communication skills. “It is not a brand that makes us special, it is not our products that make us special, it is not our employees, but it is the people whose lives have been transformed. That is our branding and that is how we promote ourselves,” says Fred. ARIIX not only provides the best of what’s out in the industry today, but is constantly striving to provide its employees and consumers with industry-first resources to keep them on the leading edge of network marketing.


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