The growing likeability for flavored spirits has nudged liquor companies to experiment with new variants. Tequi- la, a Mexican distilled spirit made from the fermentation of blue agave plant, has emerged as one of the fastest-growing spirits in the category and manufacturers are coming up with innovative flavours to keep the trend growing for artisanal spirits. The surging trend of cocktail culture has also led to the formulation of interesting tequila-based cocktails offering exceptional beverage experience to consumers. Ambhar Global Spirits is a tequila company, commit- ted to provide the highest standards of hand-tailored tequila. Jaime Celorio, Founder and CEO of Ambhar Global Spirits was with the CEO Views team to share details about how they keep up their legacy of delivering the highest quality tequilas.

Mission and legacy

Owned by Iqleen Virdi, the first Asian American woman to own a Tequila company, Ambhar Tequila is committed to create the best Artisan Tequila, with the highest quality of Agave, a traditional detailed distilling process and an innovative aging touch to satisfy the most sophisticated spirit drinkers. Ambhar upholds the mission to spread joy and luck through every hand-tailored bottle of artisanal sipping Tequila. They deeply believe ‘luck is contagious’, and that luck will spread to every individual that experiences the Ambhar Tequila.

The brand serves a a wide range of products to deliver joy and luck
through every sip of hand-tailored bottle of Tequila.

Jaime was introduced to the Agave fields in the purest form of Tequila at the age of 7 (just a sip). As a native to Mexico and a businessman who has traveled the world, Jaime takes pride in his heritage and has introduced people to the proper way to enjoy Tequila. With new investors joining in, with proven success in several industries including technology, Healthcare & Real Estate. Ambhar Global Spirits have identified a new business plan for the on and off-premise creating new tasting experiences.

Art of processing using an ancient recipe

To provide the best quality Tequila, they combine ancient recipes and techniques that have been passed down through generations. The jimadores, farmers specialized in harvesting agave plants, follow the wisdom and expertise passed down through generations to identify exactly when to harvest each agave at ideal maturity. As tradition dictates, all harvesting and preparation is done by hand and the agave hearts are steamed, roasted, mashed and fermented according to ancient recipes. Using cooper stills, the best conductors of heat, they create a more even distillation for better taste and quality.

Product range

The brand serves a wide range of products to deliver joy and luck through every sip of a hand-tailored bottle of Tequila.

Dragonfly collection

The dragonfly collection is the ancient guardian of the blue agave fields, known as symbol of joy, prosperity, good luck and the tradition of Mexican culture. The collection includes Tequila Plata, an exceptionally clean, silver tequila made from blue agave, with salty-sweet aromas of mellowed lime and pineapples, Reposado, an ultra-premium tequila with a perfect balance of fresh agave, vanilla and salted caramel, and, Anejo, an aged tequila resting in premium whiskey oak barrels, inheriting flavors of soft and silky mixtures of vanilla and candied citrus peel.

Soon, Ambhar is going to launch Cristalino and Extra Anejo Special Luxury Editions.

Competitive industry

In a highly competitive industry, Ambhar, operated by a well experienced diverse team of people from around the world, honours the heritage, different values, culture and believes in transforming and redefining the experience of sipping an ultra-premi- um Tequila. Driven by passion, high energy, communication and vision, they always think of new ways to provide a premium sipping experience.

What stands out?

Speaking about how they foster creativity and innovation to stand out from the crowd, Jaime said, “We use special barrels for our aging process for the quality and uniqueness of our artisanal bottles and our new development of technology enable experiences with our dragonfly collection, which is our Guardian of Agave and the symbol of joy and good luck.”


Supply chain normalization and inflation had been the main two challenges for the firm’s growth. But with patience, persistence and productivity, Ambhar Global Spirits has managed to overcome the industrial challenges and led to the fast growth and success of the company.

Future Vision

Ambhar has recently announced its Research and Development Division, which is responsible for the launch of new products and making sure that all new product development is in line with the pillars of the brand including the new dragonfly editions. The company has recently partnered with one of the most recognized distributors in the nation, who have a great track record of building new brands.

In the age of mass production, Ambhar marks the return of artisan hand tailored tequila. Born from ancient recipes and distilled in small batches from 100% blue agave, Ambhar Tequila has become one of the most widely known ultra-premium tequilas.


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